Voices Of Cannabis: Glass Pipe Artistry w/ Weedwriter, Barry Bard


Heady NJ welcomes Barry Bard aka Weedwriter, to explore the world of glass artists, glass culture and the relationship to the world of cannabis.

The pipe industry has evolved to a whole new level over time, from basic functional pieces to beautiful and incredible works of art selling for thousands of dollars and a whole lot in between.

Do you you remember you first glass pipe?

In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite glass artists, some favorite strains of all time, and talk about how the glass game has changed.

Banjo Glass

This Is A Pipe highlights a selection of 50 artists who paved the way for the glass industry and also those who have taken it to new heights and pushed others to do the same. 

All images courtesy of Weedwriter and This Is A Pipe

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