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NJ’s Top Doctor is Great Medical Cannabis Advocate

Hazlet Township Bans Cannabis

Shereed Elnahal, M.D., Commissioner Of Health, (NJDOH) blasts roadblocks to medical cannabis.


Shereed Elnahal, M.D. once again came out strong this week against the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic. As a cannabis advocate, he has emphasized the struggle that this creates in the medical marijuana industry and most importantly, for patients.

The state’s top doc also implied that due to the barriers and misunderstanding of cannabis, medical patients themselves are often more informed than the medical community.

As a Cannabis Advocate

Appointed by Governor Phil Murphy when he first took office, Elnahal has worked diligently to expand New Jersey’s medical marijuana (or clinical cannabis) program.

Dr. Elnahal was appointed a White House Fellow by President Obama in 2015. He currently resides in Princeton.

New Jersey is on the verge of voting on cannabis legalization and medical expansion, on October 29. Leading Democrats and cannabis advocates believe they have the votes to carry the measures to pass.

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