Record High! Medical Cannabis Program Keeps Growing in NJ


New Jersey continues to grow enrollment in its medical cannabis program under Governor Murphy.

While the program was stagnant under Chris Christie, just last week the Department of Health announced that under Murphy the program reached 40,000 patients!

Dr. Shereed Elnahal, commissioner for the NJ Department of Health, said “Today, NJ’s #MedicalMarijuana program reached 40,000 patients. That’s more than 23,000 in just the first year of the @GovMurphy administration, with more relief for chronic pain, PTSD, and as of last week, opioid use disorder. As long as more can benefit, we will not stop.”

Last year, NJ’s program expanded to include a variety of conditions including muscular and skeletal pain, anxiety, migraines, Tourette’s Syndrome.

Opioid recovery was added to the list of qualifying conditions in January 2019.

In December, NJ announced the recipients of 6 new medical cannabis dispensaries that will (eventually) be operational in New Jersey.

While the number of dispensaries and patients in the medical cannabis program are growing rapidly, a NJ physician was fined and is barred from practicing medicine for issuing licenses in a manner that state found to be inconsistent with its expectations and guidelines.

How crazy it that?

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