Legalizing Cannabis in NJ

Over the last two days, Governor Murphy tweeted in support for legalizing cannabis in New Jersey. The first tweet was yesterday.

Gov. Murphy then tweeted today on the need to ‘open the doors to economic opportunity” for those “jailed for non-violent drug-related offenses.”

However, despite many bills being presented in committees and a traveling ‘listening tour’ throughout the state, no legislation has even come close to reaching the Governor’s desk, and likely won’t any time soon. That does not mean it will never get there though.

The New Jersey Cannabusiness Assocation hosted a networking and legislative update event in Belmar on Wednesday night. President Scott Rudder addressed the audience of about 50 professionals hoping to work within the industry. He expressed optimism and said, “If not by the end of June, we need to see a bill by the end of this year. I am hopeful. Things get done in June in the legislature as the budget approaches and deals need to get made.”

Support continues to grow across the country through evident through polls and a growing list of 2020 likely presidential candidates who support the Marijuana Justice Act at the federal level with Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) joining on to co-sponsor the bill today.

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Cover Photo Credit: istockphoto/Tainar

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