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Cannabis Wholesale Platform LeafLink Announces Distribution Deal With Scarlet Express

The national legal cannabis wholesale platform LeafLink is partnering with Scarlet Express to provide cannabis transportation services in New Jersey and beyond.

LeafLink is a nationwide across the legal American state cannabis markets wholesale cannabis marketplace platform. It provides cannabis products to retailers and brands. The company oversees brand exposure, order management, and business enhancement tools. They are like a Business 2 Business (B2B) Amazon. Cannabis dispensaries can buy products wholesale from cultivators and manufacturers on their website.

New Jersey cannabis manufacturers and cultivators can post their goods there where dispensaries can find them. Utilizing LeafLink could help dispensaries manage their inventory.

Scarlet Express can operate under another company’s New Jersey cannabis license to distribute products. Thus, it can be distributed from the wholesale seller of a cultivator to a dispensary.

They also can serve as the delivery arm of a dispensary. A New Jersey cannabis dispensary license includes a delivery component like Domino’s. They can also outsource their delivery to a third-party operator.

LL has not yet been operating in New Jersey. Thus far, the vertically integrating cannabis companies in the Garden State have been growing, making, wholesaling, distributing, and dispensing their products to other businesses and New Jersey cannabis patients and consumers.

Most of them are cannabis corporations that are Multi-State Operators (MSOs), which range in quality significantly.

LeafLink manages 52 percent of the legal cannabis wholesaled in the United States. They are transforming the growing cannabis industry by offering its expertise in delivery optimization, communications, and reducing administrative workload.

LeafLink and Scarlet Express will work together to provide wholesale delivery services to dispensaries.

Cannabis Wholesale Distribution and Delivery

Scarlet Express is a start-up. It is also in the process of securing its wholesale Distribution and retail Delivery New Jersey cannabis licenses. They are planning to submit applications at the end of December. As a woman-owned company, they are allowed to apply under the Diversity license classification in December.*

Scarlet Express was founded by Claudia Post. She is an award-winning and seasoned leader with experience in cannabis marketing, advertising, design, transportation, and logistics. So, she is a serial entrepreneur.

The company provides efficient product transportation services that reduce the workload for dispensaries and help consumers obtain their cannabis.

Post operated 12 locations on the East Coast while doing wholesale and retail deliveries with her previous company. She testified on the nature of New Jersey cannabis licenses focus on transportation in the spring meeting of the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

Scarlet Express’s expertise in cannabis transportation, supply chain, chain of custody, and logistics management is a winning combination. They highly prioritize compliance.

(Heady NJ has a promotional deal with Scarlet Express full disclosure.)

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