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Independent Jersey Canna Chocolates Now Available in New Jersey Dispensaries

Jersey Canna chocolate edibles from the independent micro manufacturer Inclusion Gourmet LLC are now available in New Jersey cannabis dispensaries.

They are the first independent legal New Jersey cannabis chocolate manufacturer to get on dispensary shelves. CEO David Little prefers the term “confectioner,” which means candy maker, to manufacturer or maker.

Technically, Jersey Canna by Inclusion Gourmet is the 2nd chocolate maker to market after the large corporate Multi-State Operator (MSO) Verano introduced the infused chocolate edibles Encore fairly recently.

Infused cannabis chocolates are now available in the legal New Jersey adult-use cannabis market after the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC) expanded the initially allowed types of edibles. NJCRC Executive Director Jeff Brown noted they wanted to take the time to ensure proper standards were followed to avoid food poisoning.

Which NJ Dispensaries Have Chocolate Edibles?

Jersey Canna is working with many independents along with a few small and large MSOs. Jersey Canna chocolates can be found in the following dispensaries currently:

  1. Aunt Mary’s Dispensary in Flemington (an MSO)
  2. Ayr Dispensary in Eatontown (an MSO)
  3. Ayr Dispensary in Union Twp. (an MSO)
  4. Ayr Dispensary in Woodbridge (an MSO)
  5. Nova Farms in Woodbury (an MSO)
  6. The Botanist (an MSO) in Egg Harbor Township
  7. The Botanist (an MSO) in Williamstown
  8. RISE Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Bloomfield (an MSO)
  9. RISE Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Paterson (an MSO)
  10. Unity Rd. Dispensary in Somerset (an MSO franchise)
  11. HoneyGrove Dispensary in Clementon (Heady NJ has an ad deal with them, full disclosure)
  12. Valley Wellness in Raritan
  13. High Rollers Dispensary in Atlantic City
  14. Molly Ann Farms Dispensary in Haledon
  15. Phasal Dispensary in Runnemede
  16. Plantabis Dispensary in Rahway
  17. Earth & Ivy in New Brunswick
  18. Dank Poet Dispensary LLC in Washington, NJ
  19. Mass Grown in Mt. Holly
  20. Daylite Cannabis in Mt Laurel Township
  21. Jersey Roots Dispensary in West Milford
  22. Kind Kush Dispensary in Rockaway
  23. Pure Blossom Dispensary in Hopewell
  24. Highway 90 Dispensary in Marlton
  25. Union Chill Cannabis Company in Lambertville

Little admitted he was surprised how many orders came in for his chocolate so quickly. Heady NJ was not.

Many New Jersey cannabis consumers want more products made by local companies to choose from in the adult-use market.

Choosing NJ Dispensaries for Deals

Inclusion Gourmet has an interesting business strategy.

“We pick and choose who we sell our products. We’re not looking to be in every store,” Little explained. “We don’t want two dispensaries next to each other selling our products.”

Like many other New Jersey cannabis professionals and entrepreneurs, he is concerned the close distance between many dispensaries means some will inevitably fail.

Most requests for products Little said, were 1st come, 1st serve in terms of closeness.

“We expect our dispensaries to be loyal to us, and we’re loyal to them. Some people appreciate that,” he added.

Jersey Canna has many products available on the market already.

“Our specialty is chocolate without a doubt,” Little noted.

Their Canna Combo product a mix of chocolate with fruit flavors. CannaCubes are smaller and come in both milk and dark chocolate. They also make canna sidecars which are shaped to be put on a cocktail or wine glass.

Jersey Canna has Certificates Of Authority (COAs) online that explain the ingredients of the products in detail.

New Jersey has mandated that every edible can only be 100 mg at the most. However, that is a low amount and weak compared to some underground legacy edibles.

“We’re looking to make a quality product where people say this is really good,” Little explained. “We think people can identify with a local manufacturer much more than a Multi-State Operator that’s churning out products.”

He added he is happy as a micro manufacturer. Little is not interested in chasing scale to become a large company or cutting corners.

Inclusion Gourmet won its annual New Jersey adult-use manufacturing license needed to open in July 2023 from the NJCRC.

Jersey Canna Inclusion Gourmet Ownership Background

Longtime chocolate maker Little has had a lot of experience making chocolate.

His chocolate company has been based in Fairfield in Essex County since 1998. He is a longtime resident of Livingston which is also in Essex County. Little grew up in nearby Short Hills in Millburn.

Inclusion Gourmet prides itself on its local roots. This is why their logo looks similar to the logo of the Garden State Parkway.

“We’re trying to build a brand. We’re not just trying to build a product,” Little explained.

The logo is similar to that of the Garden State Parkway.

He noted he often offers tours of his little chocolate factory to prospective dispensary clients to educate them on its details. Many are eager to take up the tour of a chocolate factory.

It mostly looks like a lot of industrial operations, with the exception of a few gadgets.

Jersey Canna Inclusion Gourmet NJ Dispensaries chocolate edibles infused
Jersey Canna Inclusion Gourmet NJ Dispensaries chocolate edibles infused
Jersey Canna Inclusion Gourmet NJ Dispensaries chocolate edibles infused
Jersey Canna Inclusion Gourmet NJ Dispensaries chocolate edibles infused

Their artwork is superb.

“We’re pretty much open,” Little said. You’re not going to learn how to do our business by looking at machines.”

He added they are very familiar with federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food and health facility regulations.

Launching a Cannabis Manufacturing Company

He was a successful entrepreneur already before getting into cannabis. That’s similar to many others who have successfully entered the legal New Jersey cannabis market.

Little got into cannabis because it seemed like a good idea.

“We already know how to do it. We know how to infuse. Doing a cannabis formulation is no different than Delta 8 or nutraceuticals,” he explained.

Little got into chocolate 30 years ago when he founded the company Nouveautes Inc. The New Jersey state government helped them get into the global market.

So he noted they have more experience than most.

Initially, Little was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and started with small corporate gifts.

Since they were already operating a facility that has since been converted to cannabis, it saved them a lot of agony and headaches over real estate.

Little has worked with notable chocolate brands like Starbucks and Ghirardelli.

He spoke at the February NJCRC meeting about the need for them to approve products and new employees quicker. Little is not the only owner to note such concerns.

The NJCRC later said they are indeed working on both issues.

Jersey Canna by Inclusion Gourmet is the 5th licensed adult-use New Jersey cannabis manufacturing brand to get to market by Heady NJ’s count:

  1. Fernway (a small MSO)
  2. Lily Extracts
  3. ButACake by CannPowerment (with the help of an MSO)
  4. Loud Labs a (a small MSO)
  5. Jersey Canna Inclusion Gourmet

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