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The Top 5 Best Places to Smoke Weed in New Jersey

New Jersey is a beautiful place to smoke weed. Here are the top five places it would be fun to get high in the Garden State.

With cannabis possession of six ounces and under decriminalized in New Jersey, you’re not likely to get arrested for cannabis consumption. But you don’t want a ticket. It’s also not great to annoy normies.

So don’t get caught and be discrete. Smoking in your car is usually the best.  

Edibles like gummies, brownies, cookies, and THC-infused drinks are another way to get high and not in trouble.

Vape pens, while generally harsh, are good too when you want to be discreet.

That being said, there are plenty of great places to go in New Jersey and enjoy the scenery. Here are the top five places we think you should.

No. 1 The Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City is promoted as a tourist destination, so why not? AC is definitely a town known for being a place to party. They have also been a very pro-cannabis city for some time. 

You can pretend you’re in a knockoff of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

It’s an iconic place made famous or infamous by the show Boardwalk Empire. The Atlantic City Convention Center embraced the show and painted images based on the show in its interior.

Bruce Springsteen made it famous with his dark song Atlantic City referencing the Mafia.

Many New Jersey cannabis conventions have been held there with varying degrees of success and popularity.

It’s also the site of the upcoming League of Municipalities conference, where insiders will gather to discuss policy and gossip about politics.

No. 2 Liberty State Park in Jersey City

Liberty State Park is a great place to smoke weed. You can see the Statue of Liberty when you’re by the water. A ferry that goes to Liberty Island leaves from near the old Railroad Station on the Hudson River across from Wall Street.

There’s iconic Ellis Island nearby and a bridge right to it.

It’s very large, though. If you take the light rail station, then it will be a good 15-minute walk until you’re by the water. Don’t plan to walk completely across it unless you have plenty of time and stamina.

Liberty State Park can also be windy, given its location.

Jersey City has already approved more than 30 legal New Jersey adult use cannabis dispensaries to open.

No. 3 Asbury Park

Here is another great beach to smoke weed on. It’s a happening place, which might make it hard to not get caught if it’s a busy day. A cooler day in November might be a good time to go discreetly.

Asbury Park is famously where Bruce Springsteen got his start playing places like the Stone Pony back in the day. It remains a very popular concert venue.

The town though, has become too happening for some. The prices of land and goods have skyrocketed after it hit a low point decades ago.

But it still retains the vibe of a place where people appreciate the nuances of cannabis. There’s some interesting artwork if you go past the theater.

No. 4 The Battle of Monmouth

The Battle of Monmouth in Monmouth County is a great place to smoke weed. It’s a very large field, so there’s plenty of space. It’s a sparsely guarded park, so you’re not likely to get caught.

The Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolution was where the legend of Molly Pitcher was born. It was also the first time the U.S. Continental Army stood and fought in a conventional fashion versus guerilla tactics and did well.

No. 5 The Brendan T. Byrne State Forest in the Pine Barrens

The Pine Barrens are among the great forest parks in New Jersey, where you go for a good hike in the woods. The hike in the woods blaze might be better for the quieter New Jersey cannabis consumers who are not looking for a party scene like in AC or a low-key history lesson.

The Brendan T. Byrne State Forest offers a range of camping options for the naturegoers. It offers boating and picnicking opportunities. There are also fishing and hunting spots that can be fun when consuming New Jersey cannabis responsibly.

It’s also near the Garden State Parkway, so it’s easy to get to from other places.

By Bob Stone

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