Earth Day

Many cannabis proponents enjoy Earth Day. Not just because it’s near 420. They believe in growing cannabis in an environmentally friendly manner.

It makes sense for those that value a plant that has been illegal to value Earth Day.

Green cultivators believe that cannabis should be cultivated without pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). As a result, a lot of cultivators take great care to raise their crops of CBD in a natural manner.

The issue of pesticides used on medical marijuana (or clinical cannabis) sold at the ATCs in New Jersey was an issue last year.

Similar to agriculture, independent or small-scale farmers seeking to create a better product will be more hesitant to use chemicals, as opposed to a worker for a large operation seeking a mass harvest.

Companies operating in the legal market that take pride in producing “craft cannabis” are likely those who will create an especially “green” herb. Many companies say that their cannabis is especially good because it is so natural. Thus good farming equals good business.

But underground growing can be especially problematic in this fashion. It is known for using a large amount of electricity for lighting especially when grown in a closet or a similar location, to avoid detection. Irrigating an indoor grow can also be difficult. Thus, growing outside would be better from an environmental standpoint.

Like environmentalists, many cannabis advocates are wary of the effect of corporations in the field that do not share their values. This causes many to pause at their actions.

Sustainable Hemp for Earth Day

Many who venerate Earth Day believe that hemp has great properties that will allow it to take the place of fossil fuel-based materials in the near future. Plastic created by oil for example cannot continue to be the building block of society.

In addition, many extol the value of “hempcrete” used in the construction of houses.

Moreover, many believe that hemp trees absorb carbon dioxide more efficiently. They also grow much faster than normal trees can make a significant dent in addressing climate change. In addition, some have argued that hemp can be used to clean soil contaminated by industrial use.

These are values that many in cannabis aspire to. There are of course bad actors.

It is an issue that’s particularly thorny. Best Practices could cause cultivators to use products to seek to grow cannabis quickly. When cultivators are not accustomed to following regulations, compliance might be difficult to adapt to.

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