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Beginner Growing Tips From Cosmic Wisdom Seeds

Cannabis seeds and clones for growing plants are more widely available than ever these days. There are so many varieties and breeders now that legalization is flourishing. This is a great thing, but it comes with its own challenges. How do we know which is good, where to look, and then how do we identify the best plants from our best seed choices?

Phil with Cosmic Wisdom Seeds shared some insights to begin your journey growing cannabis.

Choosing Seeds To Grow

First, you want to choose your seeds. Each pack of cannabis seeds you buy will be created by a breeder or a brand, and we recommend taking a look at this brand or breeder and seeing if they display the values that jive with you.

Some things we like to look for are a breeder who focuses on special heritage genetics, who talks about the medicinal effects, and have a general awareness of the plant. You can view the breeders website or Instagram to get this feeling.

When you found a breeder that stands out for you, then have a look at their strains. We usually choose what ones sound enticing to us based on the medical effects they are said to have. We have our patients in mind and our own preferences, too.

Conversely, you can choose a cultivar by looking for the strain before looking for the breeder, but check into your breeder, too, before making a purchase. The most important thing is that you want to find a dependable plant variety that makes you excited to grow it so the garden is one of prosperity.

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Planting Your Seeds

Now it’s time to plant your seeds. We recommend that you start and grow as many seeds as you can. It depends on your grow size. If you can plant many packs of the same strain, you have a higher chance to find a very special plant, but even if you can plant only a few plants, you can still choose the best one within your means.

A good seed pack will be created properly by a talented breeder. You can expect that most of the plants should be very good in one single pack. We recommend an 8-week vegetative period after planting.

We recommend making clones of each plant and labeling them (you can give each plant, each phenotype, a number, 1, 2,3, etc., to keep track of them).

banana twerpz

Time To Hang With The Big Buds

Now it’s time to change the lights to 12/12 on your growing cannabis plants while the clones are rooting in an 18/6 vegetative period!

When you are flowering the plants, observe them for any problems like hermaphrodites (male flowers on female plants). Remove any problematic plants and their corresponding clones. This is most common in the first 2-4 weeks of blooming.

Now, flower the remaining plants and keep them labeled through harvest, dry, and cure.

Evaluate The Harvest

When the plants are ready, we recommend smoking a bit from each plant on its own (at least a few hours separated) and taking notes. After a few times of smoking, it should be obvious which ones are best, and you can start to eliminate the worst plants. You can also share with friends and patients and get their feedback too.

The best plant is the one that has the best medicinal values, strongest flavors, and any specific qualities you like. Then you should take clones of this plant. Now, you can keep on growing it for as long as you like. You can make new, endless identical clones from it and put it into production!

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Get Started

Well there you have it folks. If you want to know how to find a good cannabis plant, we hope this guide helped you.

Check us out at www.cosmicwisdomseeds.com to see our work, and Instagram @cosmicwisdomgenetics to see more of our grows, including some of the best plants we found in our pheno hunts and crosses, we made with them too!

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