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Jesse Ehrnstrom: Libertarian for Congress in NJ 2nd For Cannabis Reform

Jesse Ehrnstrom is running for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District as a Libertarian ardently in favor of cannabis reform.

Unlike Amy Kennedy, who has strong ties to cannabis prohibitionists and Jeff Van Drew, who defected to the Republican Party, Ehrnstrom is in full favor of cannabis reform.

“I became an activist when I was arrested for smoking weed when I was 18,” Ehrnstrom said. “I knew something had to change. I started doing research, ran for Township Committee in Lacey in 2017.”

Unfortunately, he was not successful. He took a break from politics for a couple years and has been reenergized this year.

“The corruption won’t end itself,” he said. “We as Americans have to stand up and fight for our rights.”

Libertarian Cannabis Policy

Ehrnstrom believes municipalities should have more say over their affairs, believing it easier to compromise among neighbors rather than individuals faraway.

“I might not win every election, but it’s more enjoyable, and I spread the message I want to,” he said.

“We have had the War on Drugs for 50, 100 years. More and more overdose deaths every year. That’s the wrong direction. We need to end the War on Drugs,” he said.

Ehrnstrom said both parties have an interest in continuing the War on Drugs to satisfy their donors and accomplish authoritarian goals.

Ehrnstrom also believes economic inequality should be addressed. To address economic inequality, he believes the United States needs to abolish corporate welfare, and the special privileges corporations enjoy ensuring more market competition, which he believes will address the problem.

Ehrnstrom understands the difficulty of the challenge of running as a third-party candidate.

“The goal for me isn’t exactly winning the election as the primary goal. The primary goal is to organize as many counties as I can to make it easier to fundraise and organize.”

“It’s not an overnight thing. It’s a long-term culture change view of politics,” Ehrnstrom said.

The Libertarian Presidential candidate is Jo Jorgensen. She is an academic who ran for Vice President on the Libertarian ticket in 1996.

Decriminalization Rally

Ehrnstrom is organizing a cannabis decriminalization protest in Trenton on Thursday, August 27th working with many cannabis advocates such as the Coalition of Medical Marijuana of New Jersey (CMMNJ)

Ehrnstrom said he is organizing the decriminalization rally on Thursday at 11 am at the NJ Statehouse with Jo Anne Zito of CMMNJ. Sativa Cross has secured the permit for the protest. The UFCW and the Inc. Spot are also supporting the rally (along with this news outlet).

“It’s something we all believe regardless of our full ideology. We all know the War on Drugs isn’t working,” Ehrnstrom said.

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