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Online Medical Cannabis Prices

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Dispensaries May Now Post Prices

The New Jersey Department of Health is no allowing the six currently operating Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) to publicly list their prices on their websites and social media accounts to make access to medical cannabis easier for patients. In an age where almost all of us buy things off the internet, the people can finally buy marijuana online who need it most.

“Medical marijuana patients should benefit from online, [medical cannabis] price information just as shoppers do when they buy a car, a plane ticket or any other consumer goods,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal.

“We hope that ATCs take this opportunity to communicate this information to patients. This is part of our ongoing effort to make the Medicinal Marijuana Program more consumer-friendly for patients and caregivers and less restrictive to ATCs,” Elnahal added.

This is not mandatory and each ATC can decide what, if any medical cannabis prices to post on their websites. 

“Having ATC products and pricing online makes sense because that is where the vast majority of people get their information these days,” said Jeff Brown, the Assistant Commissioner who oversees the state’s Division of Medicinal Marijuana in the DOH. “This puts New Jersey’s patients and dispensaries on par with those in nearby states like Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.”

A vote on cannabis legalization in New Jersey is expected on October 29. 

Last week, Elnahal and Brown addressed the New Jersey medical community, continuing to urge more physicians to participate in the medical cannabis program in New Jersey.

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