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The Top Benefits of CBD for your Sex Life

Research on CBD helps us understand how it could improve your sex life as an anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant.

Researchers have discovered ECS receptors in the testicles and other sexually reproductive organs, according to a study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences in 2009. They’re also found in the human brain.

CBD and THC have been shown in some studies to increase libido. Anxiety reduction may boost libido, according to other studies, as some individuals have a low libido because they are concerned about their sexual performance.

The use of CBD-based edibles may help with social anxiety disorder. There are many anecdotal accounts of CBD’s ability to enhance sexual desire.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies looking specifically at CBD and libido, so it’s difficult to determine if it helps.

CBD edibles and products may aid with the following sexual issues: 

Erectile Dysfunction

According to BioMed Research International, Ayurveda practitioners have been using Cannabis sativa, the herb from which marijuana and CBD are produced, for many years to enhance ejaculatory function and sexual performance.

Helping improve blood flow to the penis is essential. The mechanism through which it may alleviate the symptoms of ED is unknown. However, many believe that it might soften the blood vessels & improve circulation.

According to research published in the journal JCI Insight, one dose of CBD helped lower blood pressure. However, researchers in this study focused on coronary arteries rather than groin arteries.


A lubricant may enhance sexual performance and alleviate discomfort for people who suffer from dryness and painful sex. As a result, oils have become more popular to improve sexual pleasure.

Topicals have been examined as a dermatological therapy by researchers. In theory, topical CBD has an anti-inflammatory impact, making sex more pleasant. There is, however, no research on CBD and lubrication specifically.

Low Libido

There’s also the possibility that cannabis affects sexual desire right where it’s processed in the brain. A 2017 research on cannabis users revealed that the drug engaged the brain region that governs sexual desire. The study’s authors concluded that those with low sex drives might benefit from cannabis use. ED, sexual pleasure, and libido might all be improved by CBD-edibles and products. However, existing evidence does not support these claims.

People with allergies to hem-derived-CBD or the components utilized to administer the CBD-hemp edibles or products, such as oils, may adversely respond to them. Some people have moderate side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and tiredness. In addition, there are drug interactions as well.

Scientists are concerned about the impact of cannabis use on reproduction, despite hem-derived-CBD’s potential to improve sex. In a study published in the journal Endocrine Reviews, some of the known consequences of marijuana usage on fertility were detailed in 2006. Among them:

Follicle-stimulating hormone levels fall in both men and women who take it. Proper sperm growth in males, which may impede fertilization, impacts a woman’s regular reproductive cycle, including ovulation.

THC, the cannabinoid responsible for a euphoric high, is a significant factor in determining the effects of cannabis. However, because scientists haven’t separated the effects of cannabinoids on fertility, it’s difficult to decide if CBD or THC in cannabis is the problem.

Get the Most out of Sex with CBD

Using CBD lubricants to minimize dryness and boost pleasure before sex is just one example of how CBD may be used to enhance sex. CBD’s sexual impacts list is expected to increase as more study is done. 

The availability of CBD edibles and sex-enhancing products is increasing. More people talk about how great the items operate than doing actual research. The lack of known adverse effects of certain hemp-based products makes them a viable option if you’re searching for strategies to improve your sex life. However, if you’re considering starting a family with your significant other, speak to your doctor about the hazards of taking products, particularly before including edibles.

(Source of picture above  https://pixabay.com/photos/couple-field-lovers-romance-happy-1934204/)

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