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THCa vs. THC: Legal Loopholes in Cannabis and Hemp?

What's the difference between THC vs THCa? This is crucial in navigating the legal landscape of today's cannabis industry.

NJ Weed Industry Enemy Ron Rice Dead

Former State Senator Ron Rice (D-Essex), the main opposition to the NJ weed industry it created, is dead. Rice, 77, died of cancer. He resigned...

Cannabis: A New Solution for Tinnitus? Study Shows Promise

With the promising results of the recent cannabis study, patients suffering from tinnitus may have another treatment option to consider.

Legacy Operator Daniel Kessel of Budhub Jailed Again

Legacy operator Daniel Kessel of Budhub was once again jailed recently by the police in Ocean County. He has been in jail in Ocean County...

New Edible Cannabis Tech: Nano THC Infused Emulsions

Nano THC infused emulsions are a new and innovative food technology that has the potential to revolutionize the edible cannabis industry.

Finding A Local Weed Strain For The Best Effect

By understanding the different types of strains, choosing the right strain for your needs, and finding a reputable dispensary, you can find the perfect local weed strain for you.