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Scarlet Reserve Room Opens Legacy to Legal Dispensary in Englishtown


Scarlet Reserve Room Dispensary in Englishtown opens with the mayor

The underground legacy to legal Scarlet Reserve Room dispensary held a grand opening in Englishtown in Monmouth County in Central Jersey recently.

Republican Mayor Daniel Franciso and the City Council were on hand to cut the ribbon and award them a plaque

“I know it was a bumpy road before you got to Englishtown,” he noted.

“We’re so thankful that you guys chose Englishtown to be your home and for us to be your neighbor. Thank you for choosing Englishtown. The Council has your back. Best of luck!” Franciso exclaimed.

“It’s great. It’s been a long journey, but I’m glad we’re open. Glad to have the town support,” Scarlet Reserve Room co-owner Will Rivera exclaimed. “They actually just named June 29th Scarlet Reserve Room Day. Which we didn’t know, which is pretty cool.”

Francisco’s plaque for Sacarelt Reserve commemorated Scarelt Reserve Room Day.

Rivera noted they had a quieter soft opening first to work out the kinks.

“Everything has been really good,” Rivera declared. “I’m just happy to be here.”

The place has great character with a colorful mural with many figures like the Monopoly Man, the scarlet “R” of Rutgers University where the place gets its name, the Puerto Rican flag, and a cassette tape that says 4/20, the date of the weed holiday.

The interior of the Scarlet Reserve Room Dispensary in Englishtown

Scarlet Reserve Room is set to become one of the region’s few legacy to legal dispensaries while offering a unique selection of craft cannabis products.

“We’ve been in the black market, the illegal market. We made the crossover from legacy to legal,” Rivera declared.

He noted they previously held different types of cannabis events.

Notably, Scarlet Reserve Room dispensary has a deal with his fellow legacy to legal entrepreneur Usman Khawaja of Sugar Leaves, who has started producing bongs.

It could be part of making Englishtown a key destination for premium cannabis products and education.

Quality Curated Products for Sale

Scarlet Reserve Room is committed to elevating the retail cannabis experience, sourcing its products from top-tier, independent New Jersey cultivators and manufacturers. This approach not only supports local producers but also ensures customers have access to unique and high-quality cannabis options.

Rivera added they do have products by the large MSOs. However, he said they picked their best for his place. Rivera praised some Verano Zen Life flower as one that stood out.

“Sometimes they hit,” he noted.

Craft Cannabis Selection Available

“We’re excited to introduce our vision of high-quality, craft cannabis to Englishtown and to become a part of this vibrant community,” Rivera said.

Scarlet Reserve Room dispensary has some of the top local independent cannabis brands already making waves, such as local growers Garden Greens and Prolific Grow House. They also have products from Lily Extracts, which debuted gummies recently, and Sussex Cultivation, which makes cannabis vaping and dabbing products.

“We got a really good selection,” Rivera noted. “We’re not an MSO. We’re here to help the small guys. Any cultivators, manufacturers that are trying to come in, we’re looking for you. Let us know.”

Like a few dispensaries, they have jars where you can smell some flower.

In addition, Scarlet Reserve Room dispensary has deals to get more flower and edibles from local independent manufacturers and growers.

The brownie maker ButACake, the new grower Full Til Labs, and the new legacy to legal manufacturer 1804 Farms will also soon be available.

“All small farms man. That’s what we’re looking for,” Rivera said.

Customer-Minded Dispensary

He praised the NJCRC, which awarded Scarlet Reserve Room dispensary their annual legal cannabis dispensary license needed to open this past February 2024.

Scarlet Reserve aims to create a community hub for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers, providing a welcoming and educational environment. They have a friendly staff that is a knowledgeable and welcoming team that is ready to assist.

In addition, Scarlet Reserve Room has an easy online pre-order process and in-store pickup. Customers can browse their menu online, place orders, and pick them up at their convenience during business hours.

Ownership Background

It is majority Hispanic-owned, one of the few in New Jersey.

Rivera was especially mindful of hiring fellow Latinos and those negatively affected by federal marijuana prohibition as well.

Like many dispensary owners who were successful in opening, he is a serial entrepreneur. His marketing firm helped produce the New Jersey Dispensary Awards ceremony recently.

Rivera previously opened CBD Stores in South Amboy in Middlesex County and Matawan with the hopes of turning them into licensed cannabis dispensaries. They also opened a Scarlet Reserve smoke shop in Red Bank in Monmouth County. But town politics and Green Zone problems of where cannabis companies are allowed prevented him from doing so.

In addition to Rivera, Scarlet Reserve Room dispensary is co-owned by John Marchetti, who was also happy to see them open after setbacks in Red Bank were very difficult.

Hopefully, it will be the start of a larger operation. Wr has an entrepreneur’s natural ambition to grow by having more locations and a delivery service.

(Full disclosure: this is an advertorial bought as part of a deal with Heady NJ.)

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