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1st Legal Adult-use New Jersey Weed Brownies Debut Next Week

ButACake by CannPowerment is launching the first legal regulated adult-use New Jersey weed brownies next week with the help of the Multi-State Operator (MSO) cannabis corporation Columbia Care.

It’s a Peanut Butter and jelly-flavored brownie. They will be sold individually.

NJ weed brownie nj cannabis brownie ButACake

New Jersey Weed Brownies by ButACake

ButACake’s weed brownies are supposed to get you high within 20 minutes. There will be 10 mg of THC, the chemical compound in weed that gets you high.

That’s a little weak compared to some underground legacy edibles and legal Delta 8 THC hemp products.

They will be available at the following dispensaries first:

  1. Cannabist Vineland.
  2. Cannabist Deptford.
  3. The Cannabis Place in Jersey City.
  4. Baked by the River in Lambertville.
  5. A21 in Scotch Plains.
  6. Hashery in Hackensack.
  7. Shorehouse Canna in West Cape May.
  8. NightJar in Bloomfield.
  9. Valley Wellness in Raritan Township.
  10. Nova Farms in Woodbury.

The only large MSO signed up to hold so far is the Cannabist, owned by Columbia Care. The others are newer dispensaries that are largely independent or small MSOs.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be the very first legal pot brownie available in New Jersey,” CannPowerment/ButACake CEO Matha Figaro declared. “It’s been an incredible journey from keeping it under wraps to now being able to share it openly across the state.

Their first legal cannabis edible product in New Jersey was Ginger Peach Strips, introduced late last year. ButACake began selling chocolate mint legal Delta 8 cannabis strips first, which still can be purchased.

Figaro partnered with her childhood friend James Barrett to launch CannPowerment which makes ButACake products

They are also working with the ancillary company Azuca as their first social equity fellow.

Figaro is from Jersey City in North Jersey.

Cannabis edibles are popular among those who are not fans of smoking and enjoy the legal low-dose gummies for example. Weed brownies have been popular in the longtime underground culture since the 1960s.

Most of the cannabis edibles, like gummies, that are available even in the medical cannabis market are very sweet. A brownie also likely has gluten and dairy, which is difficult for those with allergies.

Columbia Care & Cannabist Help ButACake to Market

“We owe a huge thanks to our partners and the Vineland team at The Cannabist Company for helping us realize this opportunity and for their commitment to fostering diversity within the cannabis industry,” Figaro said in a press release.

“Each brownie is crafted from scratch, by hand, by myself and my partner Yasmin Obie, both proud Black women born and raised in the heart of New Jersey,” she added.

When asked if made in their own facility Figaro replied to Heady NJ, “No comment.”

They have a deal with the MSO Columbia Care, which does business as “Cannabist.” CannPowerment/ButACake became a mini MSO themselves by operating in Delaware with the help of Columbia Care before launching in the legal New Jersey cannabis market. The link to the Columbia Care deal press release is on their site.

The obstacles of town approval, real estate, and money have made it especially hard to get independent manufacturers up and running. Some, like Sussex Cultivation, which just began production, will be in the New Jersey cannabis market by summer.

ButACake Endorses Legalizing Cannabis Home Growing

ButACake is among the New Jersey cannabis companies that have signed the letter launched by a coalition urging the legislature to adopt medical home growing for patients.

The home cultivation of marijuana remains a felony in New Jersey.

The problem remains that NJ Senate President Nick Scutari (D-22) of Linden in Union County believes it would hurt the fragile industry. Governor Phil Murphy (D) has raised the concerns.

Thus, ButACake is showing they understand the value of equity in all parts of the New Jersey cannabis industry and community.

New Jersey’s Long-Awaited Cannabis Edibles Market Expansion

The cannabis industry and community have been waiting for legal New Jersey weed brownies and other similar products for a while.

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC) voted to allow more cannabis edibles like weed brownies in the market in September 2023. The rules were published and opened for comment the following month in October.

Weed brownies were not allowed in the initial set of New Jersey legal adult-use cannabis regulations published in August 202. Many noted it was an issue when the NJCRC published the first draft in 2021. The NJCRC said the nature of kitchen health regulations made it more complicated.

Figaro testified at NJCRC meetings recently. She severely criticized their slow pace of approving products.

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