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Patrick Duff: Long-time NJ Cannabis Advocate and Entrepreneur

Long-time NJ cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Patrick Duff runs a full-service cannabis and CBD business called Kaneh Kare in Philadelphia.

Duff believes in utilizing a religious exemption to bypass cannabis prohibition. As such he is an ordained reverend. Thus, Duff first opened a temple in Kensington where cannabis could be used. When asked, Duff categorized his beliefs as Rastafarian agnostic.

Patrick Duff took full advantage of the legalization of CBD and vends a variety of CBD-related products. He sells CBD pills from the oil he made in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. He is also working with a doctor to prescribe medical marijuana (or clinical cannabis) for those seeking to be patients in Pennsylvania’s program. Kaneh Kare’s service signed up 1,500 patients from March to June.

Duff is unhappy with how Corona has adversely hurt his business which has ample space for events. He was planning a 7-10 OIL day party which ultimately was canceled.  

Like many longtime advocates, Duff is wary of the issues with the Multi-State Operators MSOs and the corporate side of the cannabis industry.

Early Days in California

Patrick Duff has been in cannabis for years before it was popular.  A native of Haddon Heights, NJ, Duff went to California to work in cannabis for years. Initially, he went to trim cannabis plants. He was friends with Eddy Lepp who was a proponent of Prop 215 which legalized clinical cannabis in 1996. Lepp had a farm where Duff worked. In addition, Duff was a great friend of Jack Herer. Herer was a great hemp activist who wrote: “The Emperor has No Clothes.” 

Duff operated dispensaries largely in the Los Angeles area. He is a long-time friend of Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion. Duff employed him at one time in California at a medical dispensary. They were co-owners of the Libert Bell Temple I in Los Angeles. They have also led many protests together. Once they went to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to consume cannabis as a protest. While Duff sought to be difficult, Forchion was polite and deferential to the police officer who interrogated them. Nonetheless, Forchion was harassed while Duff was not.

NJ Cannabis Advocate Patrick Duff and the Law

While operating medical cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles, an officer named Patrick Kelly of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) spent a lot of time harassing Duff. More than once a gun was shoved in his face. Once, when Kelly led a raid on the shop, he hogtied Duff. But Duff kept his cool and bantered with the police. He even flirted with a female officer.

“If you don’t take control these people will brutalize you,” said Duff referring to the police.

He was arrested and taken downtown to jail. Once there he was taken to a nicer-than-expected cell before being integrated. 

“The Reverand Patrick Duff. I thought you were older,” Kelly said when they first sat down. Duff remained defiant. He demanded certain privileges. They ultimately let him go. Duff’s dispensaries were raided more than once. The confiscation of cash and plants was worse than the charges often. After being raided multiple times, he returned East and established himself as an advocate and businessman in Philadelphia.

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