4/20 cannabis leaves

4/20/20 By DAN ULLOA

Despite the pandemic and social distancing, New Jersey cannabis enthusiasts are seeking to make the best of it on 4/20.

A National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) webinar broadcast across the country featured advocates yesterday was promoted by GS NORML Executive Director Charlana McKeithen.

“Never doubt the work we have done has changed the trajectory of country and lives of Americans, said NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri.

Hearts and Minds

“Millions are on average arrests for marijuana possession safer and safer,” Altieri said.

“Millions of patients sand stood shoulder to shoulder against these unjust laws…

“600,000 are arrested a year for marijuana possession,” he lamented the majority of country living under prohibitionist regimes and said enforcement of racist polices Altieri noted.

“We’ve lasted for 50 years and seen crisis before, and they always end, and we can come up stronger he described.

He admitted it was aggravating legalization that has been stalled because they’re not meeting. But it will be better in the long run. Sixty-eight percent across party lines support.

“We have won the hearts and minds of the people,” Altieri declared.

We have a lot of reasons to be hopeful as we fight for federal reform. 

Featured many people including Bruce Margolin

Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion regretted that he would not be able to hold the festive gathering at his Liberty Bell Temple III and its spacious backyard he had initially planned.

“By 1970, I had been a lawyer for three years,.. ran for Marijuana Legalization platform office,” Margolin recounted.

The Assembly seat was held by Charles Conrad.

“He was a 26-year incumbent. I almost beat him by five!” Margolin said.

He recounted how he formed Campaign to Abolish Marijuana Prohibition (CAMP) and his time doing so. They later came under the NORML banner.

“It only takes one or two people to get this started. Do your part here,” Margolin advised viewers.

Many people were commenting on it on the messages on the YouTube comment section. They posted positive emojis.

“The state police canceled our permit we’ve been doing it for six years,” Edward “Lefty” Grimes lamented. He will be hosting his podcast, “Sativa Cross: Ignorance at No Excuse,” starting at 11:11 AM EST streaming on Facebook.

Initially, a rally was planned by Lefty at the New Jersey Statehouse, but due to COVID-19, the state is not giving out protest permits to ensure social distancing to keep the death rate low.

In the afternoon on 4/20 at 2:22 EST, Honeyb Thomas’ will host a Sativa Cross. She will be announcing the winner of the magical butter machine.

To win, you have to “take a picture of a butt hole, and then you paint around it and make it into a flower, or you can spirograph it also,” Grimes explained.

The Magical Butter Machine makes cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is a preferred method of consumption for many because it does not cause coughing.

“If someone smokes a joint on the Statehouse lawn, I’ll put them in the raffle for the magical butter machine,” Grimes said.

Ignorance Is No Excuse Podcast will be live on the Sativa Cross group page, many other cannabis groups, and YouTube.

The webinar will feature several of New Jersey’s leading cannabis figures including Ken Wolski, Jim Miller, Jeff Oakes, Rick Naya, Edward Forchion, Will Cunningham, Jo Anne Zito, Jay Lassiter, Charlana McKeithen, Charles M. Kwiatkowski, Leo Bridgewater, Warren Bobrow, Bill Caruso, Nick D’Amelio, Red Blaza, Mama Bear Nicks Grandma Cat Jeter, Betty Budz, and Honeyb Thomas.

“Everyone should get stoned and build Lego ramps for people in wheelchairs,” Grimes said, regarding what should home activities during the pandemic.

Canna Popup

Cannapop will be webcast at high noon featuring a panel with many cannabis industry leaders throughout the state previously profiled here such as Jessie Gill, Harry Carpenter, Tara Misu, Lock & Key, Ken Wolski.

Smoke and enjoy, but stay safe!

The Meaning of 4/20

Regardless of the pandemic, we must not forget the meaning of 4/20.

Today is a holiday celebrating a plant that has been illegal since the Roosevelt Administration. But it was in use for thousands of years prior. It has been used across the globe to heal and relax. It was found in the bible and used by the Founding Fathers as rope, at the least.

We celebrate this great plant today on 4/20, whether you call it cannabis, hemp, marijuana, weed, or whatever and the way it brings people together, induces creativity and epiphanies, and enhances the lives of many.

Despite all the hardships and reversals cannabis has faced over the years, it warms my heart, knowing that marijuana in a year will be legal again here in New Jersey.

While 4/20 will not be what expected in February, those who observe it can still make the most of it through modern technology.

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