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Jersey City Police Officer to be Reinstated After Smoking Weed/Cannabis Consumption

A Jersey City police officer will be reinstated after smoking weed/general cannabis consumption.

After being fired, he filed a lawsuit with three other  Jersey City police officers dismissed for weed smoking. An administrative law judge ruled in favor in favor of Norhan Mansour. The New Jersey Civil Service Commission upheld the decision in favor of Mansour.

They ordered that he be reinstated with back pay, benefits, and seniority. The Commission did not indicate its opinion on the other three officers.

The police officers had purchased cannabis from New Jersey adult use cannabis dispensaries. Unfortunately, they tested positive for smoking weed and were fired.

The attorney for the police officers says Jersey City is the only town he knows of taking such an action.

New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin has been in favor of allowing police to smoke weed and generation cannabis consumption. He won a decision before the New Jersey Supreme Court pushing legal cannabis consumption forward. In addition, Platkin released guidance in February allowing police to smoke weed and general cannabis consumption.

State-level legalization is complicated by the fact that federal law says that one cannot own a gun and smoke weed. However, police do not own the guns they carry, which remain the city’s property.

Police often have stressful lives and turn to drinking, which can have negative side effects.

Jersey City and Cannabis

While supporting legal cannabis consumption lounges and likely more than 40 adult use cannabis dispensaries opening in the city, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop didn’t want cops smoking weed or engaging in general cannabis consumption.

Fulop, while fully supporting legalization and police accountability, maintains tough-on-crime policies. For example, the size of the Jersey City Police Department has increased under his tenure.

He is running for Governor in 2025 to succeed the term-limited Phil Murphy (D). Fulop has already raised a few million dollars and secured the endorsements of several other prominent New Jersey mayors.

Smoking Weed and Cannabis Consumption Issues

The problem with cannabis consumption or smoking weed is that weed stays in your system long after you are no longer high. One could smoke weed and test positive 30 days later unless precautions are taken.

This is the problem with weed in stark contrast to alcohol, where a Breathalyzer test can measure the alcohol in the system inebriation level shortly after drinking. The more time passes after not drinking, the lower the level goes.

Construction workers also have issues with smoking weed and cannabis consumption. Due to the physical intensity of their labor, they likely need it badly instead of pain pills and booze.

Unfortunately, due to federal issues, many construction workers in New Jersey are among those who have been left out of legalization.

A lot of employers do not want their workers to have the freedom to smoke weed and consume cannabis in general.

Smoking Weed and New Jersey State Legislation

Fulop is not the only New Jersey official who does not want police to smoke weed or engage in general cannabis consumption. Several others have been against and spreading adult use legalization implementation.

A bill was introduced to ban police from smoking weed and general cannabis consumption in the New Jersey Assembly. However, it has not made progress.

A 3914 against general cannabis consumption by police has few co-sponsors and has not been passed by a committee. It also does not have the necessary companion bill in the State Senate required to become law. Thus, there is little hope it will become law.

NJ Senate President Nick Scutari (D-Union), who spearheaded legalization, has said on the record he wishes to defend police from such retaliation.

The New Jersey legislature is off for the summer. Since there are legislative elections this fall, they will not spend much time in Trenton prior to Election Day.

Cops smoking weed might help them understand the nuances of the plant better and why it is so popular. A pro-cannabis cop could then spread the good word among his fellow officers.

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