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Terrapin Wins Lawsuit Delaying Harmony Dispensary in Hoboken

Terrapin won when a Hudson County judge ruled Harmony Dispensary must submit to a review board before opening a Hoboken cannabis dispensary.

They filed a lawsuit in September 2020. They asked the court whether Harmony Dispensary must comply with regulations after they submitted documents to open a Hoboken cannabis dispensary for patients. Harmony Dispensary said they began the local licensing process before the Medical Cannabis Review Board was established in June 2020.

City leaders crafted Hoboken’s medical cannabis ordinance to ensure accountability through a Medical Cannabis Review Board. The Board weighs the merit of applications to ensure only the best actors open in the city.

Hoboken Cannabis Issues

Hudson County Superior Court Judge Marybeth Rogers agreed with Terrapin that Harmony Dispensary should be held to the same standard.

“The Court finds that the role of the Review Board and its function to protect public health is too important to be bypassed,” Judge Rogers said.

“We’ve maintained all along that we were filing this lawsuit in the public health, safety, and community interest of the people of Hoboken,” argued Terrapin owner and founder Chris Woods. “All interested parties should have to answer to the people of Hoboken, just as we will.

“We are very happy with the Hudson County Superior Court’s decision, which ruled in our favor that the Hoboken planning board’s unanimous approval is intact and cannot be revoked. Per today’s ruling, our next step will be to work with the local Medical Cannabis Review Board. As a locally rooted company focused exclusively on New Jersey. We strive to make a positive impact in any community in which we operate. We very much look forward to meeting with the board and showing firsthand the positive impact we will bring to Hoboken,” Harmony CEO Shaya Brodchandel said.

“The Review Board was established to bring accountability and transparency. If there’s nothing to hide, then all companies should welcome the opportunity to formally introduce themselves to the people of this city and answer any questions they may have,” Woods said. “We’re so excited about our plans to leave a permanent positive impact on Hoboken and the entire North Jersey community.”

Terrapin Plans

Terrapin is scheduled for an administrative hearing before the Review Board next Wednesday, March 31. They announced plans to open a medical cannabis dispensary at 86 River Street after a three-year community outreach effort. Terrapin filed paperwork with the city to move through the Zoning Board. The Hoboken Medical Cannabis Review Board next week is the first step before zoning.

“As an inter-generational resident of Hoboken with deep roots. I want to ensure that only the most qualified cannabis companies open their doors. When they do, they will have the best interests of the community in mind,” said Joseph Castelo. He is a local filmmaker, and entrepreneur who is a partner on Terrapin’s Hoboken project.

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