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New Jersey

Newark Cannabis Advances Slowly as Wu-Tang Clan Member Makes Progress

A Wu-Tang Clan rapper made progress opening a dispensary & lounge of the chain Hashstoria as the Newark cannabis industry progresses slowly.

Upcoming Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference Partners with Crowdfunding Platform

The Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference is partnering with the Mainvest crowdfunding platform during their upcoming cannabis convention.

Cannabis Vs. Kratom: Comparing Substances & the Science

Are you looking to explore natural remedies with unique qualities and wonder how kratom strains are marketed? If so, cannabis and kratom are something...

Pro-Corporate Cannabis MSO NJCTA Report Criticizes Underground Legacy Operators & CRC

The pro-corporate cannabis MSO NJCTA released a report criticizing the NJ-CRC for penalizing their members & enabling the legacy market.

NJ-CRC Holds Webinar for Wholesale, Distribution, & Delivery NJ Cannabis License Classes

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) held a webinar to prepare applicants seeking NJ cannabis license classes in wholesale, distribution, and delivery. They will begin...

Jersey City Pushes Revising Cannabis Ordinance, OKs More NJ Cannabis Companies

Jersey City pushed revising its cannabis ordinance again while Legacy to Lifted and Hamm & Chazz NJ cannabis companies secured approval from the Council...