NJ-CRC Approves 112 NJ Adult Use Cannabis Licenses, Reviews TerrAscend Problems Again


NJ-CRC NJ adult use cannabis licenses new jersey terrascend

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) approved 112 NJ adult use cannabis licenses and reviewed fining TerrAscend again.

They awarded 40 conditional licenses, 52 conversions to annual licenses, and 20 annual applications were awarded.

“The Commission currently has a lot of applications that are in … inactive status just sitting. Businesses are not responding to our commission’s staff,” NJ-CRC Executive Director Jeff Brown noted.

He said 60 dispensaries are open in the combined New Jersey adult use and medical cannabis market.

“We also have several AU (adult use) only cultivators up and running as well as adult use only manufacturing cannabis,” Brown noted. “Production diversity is coming to this market.”

He explained they have approved 1259 conditional licenses, 157 conversions from conditional licenses, 112 annuals, and 60 expanded medical cannabis licenses.

“We continue to see more conditional license holders apply to convert. We’re inching toward 400 conditional conversion applications,” Brown declared.

Conditional NJ Adult Use Cannabis Licenses Awarded

“These have all scored sufficiently high,” he explained. “They’re recommended for approval.”

  1. 3092 Shaman’s Cure LLC Conditional Cultivator Micro
  2. 3020 Blaze Factory, LLC. Conditional Retailer Micro
  3. 3652 The Number Spot Inc Conditional Retailer Micro
  4. 3662 Cannabis Outlet LLC Conditional Cultivator Standard
  5. 3680 Cannabis Outlet LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  6. 4289 Premium Genetics Partners LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  7. 3809 Cannabis Outlet LLC Conditional Retailer Standard
  8. 3416 Impact Universe LLC Conditional Retailer Standard
  9. 3848 Nurturing Leaves LLC Conditional Retailer Standard
  10. 3655 Smoky City LLC Conditional Cultivator Micro
  11. 3820 Global Grown, Inc. Conditional Manufacturer Micro
  12. 3656 Smoky City LLC Conditional Manufacturer Micro
  13. 4195 IDAlistics, Inc Conditional Retailer Micro
  14. 3108 Puff Ganja LLC Conditional Retailer Micro
  15. 3307 Bud City LLC Conditional Cultivator Standard
  16. 3732 Chroma New Jersey LLC Conditional Cultivator Standard
  17. 4420 Mystic Botanical Farms, LLC Conditional Cultivator Standard
  18. 3681 Black Lilies LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  19. 2261 Chroma New Jersey LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  20. 4047 Green Knight Manufacturing LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  21. 3678 Highland Green Holdings LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  22. 3798 HZY Retail LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  23. 3949 NJ Extracts LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  24. 3202 Farmers NJ LLC Conditional Retailer Standard
  25. 4052 Green Vine LLC Conditional Retailer Standard
  26. 4034 Highland Green Holdings LLC Conditional Retailer Standard
  27. 3795 Good Bud LLC Conditional Retailer Micro
  28. 3985 AGJRA, LLC Conditional Cultivator Standard
  29. 3602 Fog Houze Conditional Retailer Standard
  30. 3241 JNB Prime LLC Conditional Retailer Standard
  31. 4419 Black Caesar LLC Conditional Retailer Micro
  32. 3796 Cold Stoned LLC Conditional Retailer Micro
  33. 4261 Green Wellness Haven LLC Conditional Retailer Micro
  34. 3450 trap trees Conditional Retailer Micro
  35. 3788 JNB Prime LLC Conditional Cultivator Standard
  36. 3789 JNB Prime LLC Conditional Manufacturer Standard
  37. 3248 Jungle Wiz LLC Conditional Retailer Micro
  38. 3637 Aspen Corner Office LLC Conditional Retailer Standard
  39. 3750 Luna Dispensary Inc Conditional Retailer Standard
  40. 3780 The Kush Reserve LLC Conditional Retailer Standard

The NJ-CRC approved them 4-0.

Commissioner Maria Del Cid was absent due to maternity leave.

NJ Cannabis License Conversions Awarded

“Credit to the applicants who have gone through this process stuck with it. Credit to our staff. We’ve really seen these conversions and annuals increase at these meetings, um, which is great to see. We want to get more businesses approved and operational,” Brown explained.

He noted they were thoroughly reviewed and recommended for approval.

  1. 2919 Kana Grove New Jersey LLC Conversion Cultivator Standard
  2. 2714 TGC New Jersey Conversion Cultivator Standard
  3. 2721 TGC New Jersey Conversion Manufacturer Standard
  4. 2662 Legacy to Lifted, LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  5. 2627 Sea Grass NJ Conversion Retailer Standard
  6. 2944 The Jersey Joint Dispensary LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  7. 2971 Achira Inc Conversion Cultivator Micro
  8. 2227 City Soleil LLC Conversion Cultivator Micro
  9. 2523 ABCO Garden State LLC Conversion Cultivator Standard
  10. 2730 Fresh Grow LLC Conversion Cultivator Standard
  11. 2974 Mojo Botanica LLC Conversion Cultivator Standard
  12. 2969 Sara’s Buds LLC Conversion Cultivator Standard
  13. 3420 Little Leaf Labs LLC Conversion Cultivator Micro
  14. 2972 Achira Inc Conversion Manufacturer Micro
  15. 2637 Creative Flavors by Esther LLC Conversion Manufacturer Standard
  16. 2287 GDBS Distributors LLC Conversion Manufacturer Standard
  17. 2782 Kushi Labs LLC Conversion Manufacturer Standard
  18. 3003 Mojo Botanica LLC Conversion Manufacturer Standard
  19. 2970 Sara’s Buds LLC Conversion Manufacturer Standard
  20. 3110 Cedar Fairmont Health Cultivators Conversion Manufacturer Micro
  21. 3017 Cannaboutique by Greenhouse LLC Conversion Retailer Micro
  22. 2873 CannaBoy Treehouse LLC Conversion Retailer Micro
  23. 2703 Jersey Meds Management LLC Conversion Retailer Micro
  24. 2583 The Cannabis Clubhouse, LLC Conversion Retailer Micro
  25. 2870 Treeotics LLC Conversion Retailer Micro
  26. 2915 Urge New Jersey LLC Conversion Retailer Micro
  27. 2504 4Twenty Somewhere Conversion Retailer Standard
  28. 2914 77 Main Street LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  29. 3012 BestBuds LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  30. 3009 Cannis Dispensary LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  31. 2737 DOCANNA LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  32. 3250 Flower & Flame LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  33. 3040 Green Leaf Wellness Solutions LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  34. 2791 Gynsyng LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  35. 2942 Herbalicity LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  36. 2640 Lifted Vision LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  37. 3029 Local Modiv, LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  38. 2779 PPP Dispensary Conversion Retailer Standard
  39. 2610 Rootly LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  40. 3041 Sweet Leaves LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  41. 2717 The Honorable Plant LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  42. 2978 Uma Flowers Conversion Retailer Standard
  43. 3306 Roll Models LLC Conversion Retailer Micro
  44. 2981 Garden State Born LLC Conversion Cultivator Standard
  45. 3093 Glass Meadows Inc. Conversion Cultivator Standard
  46. 3244 Mollitiam NJ LLC Conversion Cultivator Standard
  47. 2980 Garden State Born LLC Conversion Manufacturer Standard
  48. 3154 Brotherly Bud Conversion Retailer Standard
  49. 2998 Pulse Manufacturing LLC Conversion Manufacturer Micro
  50. 2898 Dank Poet Dispensary Conversion Retailer Micro
  51. 2901 Wellness for Sale LLC Conversion Retailer Standard
  52. 3051 Genuine Grow LLC Conversion Cultivator Micro
  53. 2817 Cannabis NJ LLC Conversion Retailer Micro

The NJ-CRC approved them 4-0.

Annual License Awarded

“Annual applications went through the exact same process. They applied directly for an annual license instead of getting a conditional license first,” Brown said.

The following were reviewed:

  1. 2470 Legal Distribution LLC Annual Retailer Micro
  2. 2753 ENV Growers LLC Annual Cultivator Standard
  3. 1147 Valley Wellness LLC Annual Cultivator Standard
  4. 2937 ENV Growers LLC Annual Manufacturer Standard
  5. 1145 ZY Labs LLC Annual Manufacturer Standard
  6. 2537 Botera Union LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  7. 2878 Green Flamingo Dispensary, LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  8. 2802 Hashstoria NJ LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  9. 2689 Higher Breed NJ LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  10. 2432 JHAK Retail LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  11. 2820 Lotus EHT LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  12. 2626 Perennial Group Corporation Annual Retailer Standard
  13. 2709 Sparkology Dispensary LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  14. 2116 Sunrise Holdings 1 LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  15. 2587 Zen Franklin LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  16. 3212 Glass Meadows Inc. Annual Manufacturer Standard
  17. 2215 Floro Voorhees LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  18. 2425 MOM New Jersey LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  19. 2888 Anka Field LLC Annual Retailer Standard
  20. 2070 The Garden Cannabis Dispensary LLC Annual Retailer Standard

The NJ-CRC approved them 4-0.

TerrAscend Violates Medical Cannabis Rules Again

“This is related to a Notice of Violation (NOV) issued to TerrAscend New Jersey,” Brown explained.

He noted they were asking New Jersey medical cannabis patients to buy products off the adult use cannabis menu.

“TerrAscend submitted a corrective action plan. There was another violation after that happened,” Brown said.

“Aside from this instance, TerrAscend has been in compliance. I think there were five instances in that initial NOV. There’s one additional here,” he noted. “This would be a category 5. That would be a maximum penalty of… $10,000. We’re not recommending a fine.”

Liable for a 2nd Fine on 6th Violation

“Can you repeat the final recommendation?” Vice Chair Sam Delgado asked.

“We’re not recommending a fine on this instance. If the board decides to issue a fine, we recommend it be within that fining matrix,” Brown replied.

“A request was made for TerrAscend to provide training records for the staff at this particular facility in Lodi,” NJ-CRC Chair Dianna Houenou said. “Was any record provided?”

“They did provide signed documentation for employees at that location. They did provide what was requested,” Brown said.

“The investigators report, his words strongly urged the Comm to consider sanctions. Taking that into account, why would you not recommend any type?” Commissioner Krista Nash asked.

“Our goal here is compliance. Since that initial round of activity, they’ve largely been compliant,” Brown replied.

“You said another violation occurred after TerrAscend submitted the correct action plan. Is that accurate?” Commissioner Charles Barker asked.

Brown said that after the initial round of problems, they have been better in his opinion.

“But did the complaint come in after the corrective plan was submitted?” he asked.

“No,” Brown replied.

“I would like to see those records. I understand the technology failed us in this instance,” Houenou noted.

The NJ-CRC tabled the matter to review the material 4-0.

Expanded Medical and Adult Use License Applications

Brown said a few medical cannabis company locations want to convert to New Jersey adult use cannabis sales.

They must submit municipal approval, a letter of intent to expand, certification they have enough cannabis to meet the needs of patients, and verification of Labor Peace Agreements, among others.

The following were reviewed:

  1. Bloc in Waretown.
  2. Garden State Botanicals in North Brunswick.
  3. Honeygrove South, Corp in Gloucester Township.
  4. GTI New Jersey in Hackettstown.

GTI also wants to move its manufacturing license location from Paterson in Passaic County to Hackettstown in Warren County.

The NJ-CRC approved all of them 3-0-1 with Barker abstaining.

Annual NJ Cannabis License Renewals

Brown said two testing lab licenses were renewed.

The testing lab New Jersey Cannalytics LLC in East Hanover was approved by the NJ-CRC 3-1, with Barker voting no.

Sriven Labs LLC in Bellmawr was approved by the NJ-CRC 3-1, with Barker voting no.

New Jersey Cannabis License Process Issues

“I want to encourage stakeholders to be active participants in removing barriers holding the industry back. Engage with your lawmakers and local officials about what changes you want to see,” Houenou said. “Help applicants be prepared for business ownership, connect business owners to financing options.”

“We’ve had nearly 100 businesses granted extensions from July through September,” she added.

Houenou explained nearly 650 conditional license extensions have been granted.

Town Problems Causing Biggest Delay in NJ Cannabis

“64 percent of those requesting extensions have cited municipal and local delays as a reason for needing extra time. Nearly 60 percent are also struggling with site control. Funding issues have decreased as a cited reason. It does still continue to be a problem,” she declared. “The delays are particularly prevalent in those municipalities that have a local cannabis advisory board of some sort or otherwise institute a very rigid sequential process.”

“I want to remind all our municipal partners there is no need to re-create the wheel. The CRC does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to investigations. Keep things as simple as possible,” Houenou urged.

She noted delays are costly and burdensome to New Jersey cannabis license applicants.

Houenou explained the process is especially hard since it is delaying “the businesses this law was designed to help.”

“If you are in need of an extension, go to our website,” she noted.

Houenou explained more annual licenses were awarded last year and needed to be re-examined.

“Make sure we are informed about what issues you are facing. Please request an extension as soon as possible,” she said.

“I’m pleasantly surprised to see that the… delays in requests due to funding is only at 19 percent,” Nash said.

She was interested in knowing how many were Social Equity businesses.

“Who is requesting these extensions?” Nash asked.

Houenou said she would work with the Office of Licensing on that.

“Our form only requests certain information,” she added.

NJ Cannabis Company Name Changes

Brown noted the name changes:

Jersey Joints to Hudsonica.

Alchemy Botanics to Aurum Botanics.

Blue Violet Cannabis to Carry-on Cannabis.

Genesis Technology II to G2 Dispensary.

Simply Pure Downtown Trenton to Moja Life.

CYOUR NJ to Niche.

PEMAA to Roots Dispensary.

The NJ-CRC approved the name changes 4-0.

Public Engagement

Barker discussed their safe use campaign and efforts to deter youth consumption.

“The legacy market has existed far before the legal market. We know that people still respect and trust the legacy market. So, we want to educate the public even more about the regulated market,” he explained.

Barker noted many towns are against cannabis.

‘We hope that this campaign will iron out some of those concerns. And spark up a change, “he said.

“Some might roll their eyes at cannabis use and pregnancy. We have to reduce the stigma in both medical and adult use but particularly for mothers who may need to rely on cannabis instead of more highly addicted substances,” Nash explained.

She noted some dispensaries are delivering to discourage high driving.

Nash said edibles can be very strong for inexperienced cannabis consumers.

She noted how someone is likely to eat a lot of chocolate quickly, for example, without realizing how strong it is. This could create problems.

New Jersey Cannabis Worker ID Cards

NJ-CRC Chief Counsel Christopher Riggs noted every New Jersey cannabis employee needs an identification card from the NJ-CRC after being vetted. Ten individuals want to work in the industry and requested rehabilitation confirmation.

The NJ-CRC approved it 4-0.

“If anyone has evidence of wrongdoing against our reg entities, please report that to the Cannabis Regulatory Commission. Each complaint is to be taken seriously,” Houenou declared are the end of the meeting.

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