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Curaleaf Bellmawr Fined for OSHA Violations in Dispensary

The Multi-State Operator (MSO) Curaleaf, which operates a medical dispensary, Curaleaf Bellmawr, one of many, was severely fined by the Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for workplace violations.

Curaleaf Bellmawr was initially fined $40,000 by OSHA, which later reduced the fine to $26,300.

According to Politico, they were found to have seven workplace violations, including failure to have an eye rinse station and failing to provide electrical safeguards for their machinery, among others. On OSHA’s website, they are all listed as “serious violations.”

The New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) is investigating the violations of Curaleaf as well. According to Deputy Commissioner Jeff Brown, the DOH was unaware of the violations before the Politico story broke. When asked about further detail, Brown said he could not comment on the investigation and that “We’re going to look into it. As the state regulator, we have a duty to do so.”

The MSO Curaleaf

They are one of the largest dispensaries in New Jersey. Curaleaf is currently providing flower to GTI’s Paterson dispensary until their cannabis can be harvested and sold. In addition, they have deals with Harmony in Secaucus and Garden State Dispensary’s (now Ayr Wellness) satellite location in Union Township to provide cannabis. In addition, they have dispensaries in 10 states. Curaleaf has a contract to open three more dispensary sites in New Jersey. Their current facility vends a variety of flower strains and oils.

Curaleaf was first found to have violated OSHA standards last July. OSHA is an office within the Department of Labor that seeks to prevent illness and death in the workplace.

Like all the dispensaries in New Jersey, the prices at Curaleaf are exceedingly high.

According to Curaleaf’s website, they “grow a variety of THC and CBD-dominant strains at our cultivation facility in New Jersey, and offer a wide range of product categories: flower, concentrates, oil, and sublingual.”

They could not be reached for comment prior to publishing.

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