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Green Shoulder Service Launched to Educate NJ Cannabis Consumers

Elucidation Strategies announced the launch of the Green Shoulder Service to educate NJ cannabis consumers.

It was created to assist those who are uninformed about the nuances of cannabis consumption.

“Now that New Jersey has a legal cannabis industry, the cannacurious are looking for comfortable opportunities to learn about and try cannabis,” said Angela Speakman, founder of Elucidation Strategies. “In public community events and private conversations, we kept hearing two things: interest in finding consumption support and frustration because of lack of options. The goal of Green Shoulder is safe, enjoyable, and informed adult-use consumption.”

Elucidation Strategies is a boutique education and planning agency that helps people make informed decisions when it comes to cannabis,

The Green Shoulder Service

Green Shoulder Service is supposed to help those interested in consuming adult-use/recreational cannabis in their homes with some support and help built-in to the process.

Accessible education is the foundational concept of the Green Shoulder Service program.

A “Sidekick” will be a qualified cannabis enthusiast. They will demonstrate products and modes. Participants will be able to experiment with confidence in a familiar environment for a satisfactory and enjoyable consumption experience.

New Jerseyans can book sessions to learn about flower, concentrates, or edible consumption of adult-use/recreational products.

Sessions can be booked for individuals or groups.

The Green Shoulder Service process includes a short questionnaire, an introductory Zoom, and an in-home consumption session that features cannabis basics and historical context, as well as a few fun, helpful learning activities to ensure a satisfactory experience.

Elucidation Strategies provides educational programming via the Cannabis Community Conversations program and strategic planning services to businesses operating in the cannabis space.

NJ Cannabis Consumption Issues

The nuances of cannabis consumption get very detailed. A lot of NJ cannabis consumers don’t understand the nuances of terpenes in enhancing or detracting from the experience of getting high. Many budtenders at dispensaries have noted that cannabis consumers often ask for strains and products with the “highest THC.”

While they understand that THC is what gets you high, they do not know much beyond that.

Even traditional notions of an energetic Sativa versus a calming Indica have become outdated since most cannabis strains are hybrid.

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC) is very concerned about safe consumption.

A lot of towns and cops have made it clear they do not want cannabis consumers enjoying themselves in public. But the rules to roll out New Jersey cannabis consumption lounges have been slow. But most dispensary applicants and owners who thought of having a lounge don’t think they will make much money. They believe allowing them serve food and drinks would help. They can’t even serve water.

The hunt for quality, affordable legal cannabis in New Jersey remains very difficult.

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