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NJ Cannabis Pillar Marley Sheen Being Remembered By Many

The late New Jersey leader Marley Sheen is going to be remembered. He was a cannabis advocate, entrepreneur, rapper, and cannabis patient.

“He’d say he didn’t want people to feel sad. I’m positive he would have wanted us to continue having sessions in his honor,” said Chris Velasquez, owner of Auto HD, about his death.

Velasquez explained Marley Sheen was a nickname. In one of his songs, he said he was somewhere in between Bob Marley and Charlie Sheen

Marley Sheen was the originator of the Run NewJerz brand, which included his signature drink, Dirty Bong Water, juice infused with THC. Marley was also a rapper for 20 years.

He was very well-known in the cannabis community, not only in New Jersey but throughout the East Coast, especially in Maine and Rhode Island.

“(Marly) He died how he wanted in his own home on his own term. He wasn’t in the hospital suffering. He’s in a better place now,” Velasquez said.

According to Velasquez, he was good friends with Edward “Lefty” Grimes, who has used a lot of his videos and music in his podcast, such as “You ain’t smokin’ what I’m smokin’ on.”

Marley Sheen and Cannabis Patients

Marley had Crohn’s disease, which qualified him to be a medical cannabis patient. But in the last year found out he had lung cancer and had been battling it with chemotherapy when it took his life.

“He was a patient for the patients,” Velasquez said. “Marley always helped the patients.”

According to Velasquez, cannabis advocate Marley Sheen helped countless medical cannabis patients get access to cannabis.

“It’s very expensive and very hard to access for patients,” he said. “Marley helped people get the product that they needed.”

“It’s sad we have this program but no (Full Extract Oil) FECO or (Rick Simpson Oil) RSO available. The one dispensary that opened in Zen Leaf in Elizabeth was the first to carry RSO. We got that for him. It was really expensive. I wish he had more and more easily available. You basically have to buy a $500 oz. and have to make this oil. That’s why I wish he had more of it. Same for all cancer patients. They all need FECO,” said Velasquez.

Velasquez lamented Marley Sheen was his second friend to die from cancer who did not have sufficient FECO.

“They don’t give you real medicine. It’s like a joke really,” Velasquez said regarding New Jersey’s dispensary.

Cannabis Advocate Remembered

He explained that he first met Marley in 2014 at a 4/20 cannabis rally in Trenton. Velasquez that they met after Marley Sheen performed by going on stage from behind the gathered crowd. As he approached the stage, he threw Run New Jerz stickers and bracelets to the crowd. From that day, Velasquez was part of the Run New Jerz crew traveling to medical states, promoting the brand and legalization.

“I wore that bracelet for two years. I wore it till it broke,” Velasquez said.

Marley Sheen was also known for throwing legendary underground parties.

“He always tried to help his friend benefit and make money,” Velasquez said. “He really had that hustler mentality, and that rubbed off on people.”

“His legacy is going to go on,” said Velasquez.

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