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Meet The Heady NJ Team

Bryan Walsh

Partner, Strategy, Marketing

Bryan founded Heady NJ to share his love and passion for cannabis with others in New Jersey. With an extensive professional background in education, real estate, history, a lifelong NJ residence and cannabis enthusiast for 30 years, Bryan loves sharing his love for cannabis with all of you. At Heady NJ Bryan focuses on the tech, marketing & strategic planning for Heady NJ.

Dan Ulloa

Partner, Content, Politics

Dan Ulloa is the editor & publisher of Heady NJ. With a background in journalism and a passion for the cannabis community, Dan brings a unique perspective to the world of news and culture. In his role as editor, he is responsible for curating and publishing the latest news, events, and insights on the industry, as well as contributing his own articles and analysis. Dan has been a leading voice in the New Jersey cannabis scene, and his work has helped to educate and inform the public about this rapidly evolving industry. Dan was listed at #35 on the NJ INSIDER Cannabis 100 in 2022.

Dominic Deluca

Partner, Events, Networking

Dominic Deluca is the Events, Networking & Communications Director at Heady NJ. With a strong background in event planning and public relations, Dominic brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team at Heady NJ. In his role, he is responsible for organizing and managing events related to the cannabis industry. He also manages the company's communications, including media relations and outreach, to help promote Heady NJ and its mission to educate and inform the public about the cannabis industry.

Dynamic Team Of Cannabis Experts

The NJ Cannabis Media team at Heady NJ has come together to share their extensive knowledge of the cannabis community. HNJ's partners have been involved in and at the forefront of the cannabis hidden markets since the early 90s. We want to provide you the best in NJ cannabis info events, happenings, and reviews. Heady NJ is your ultimate hub for all things cannabis in New jersey.

Cannabis Community Involvement

When not in the cannabis war room our team is often busy giving a helping hand, hosting and sharing in local cannabis focused events and advocacy. We report on the latest political happenings, changes and updates at dispensaries, and providing our members a platform to review the latest products and service at each NJ cannabis dispensary (and our nearby Tri-State neighbors)