About Us

Heady NJ is an independent local news site covering cannabis, CBD, and hemp in New Jersey.

We have been closely covering legalization along with the businesses springing forth, the health benefits cannabis provides, the legal issues, and the culture surrounding it. 

We are in favor of legalization and the creation of a just industry that helps patients and homegrow, believing that “you can’t be neutral on a moving train.”


D.K. Nug- Publisher

Dan Ulloa- Editor

Ulloa is an accomplished writer who has covered domestic politics and policies at all levels of government. He wrote about local and state politics, along with health and economic policies before focusing on cannabis.

He has represented the Latino Action Network on the ACLU-led NJ United for Marijuana Reform (NJUMR) pro-cannabis coalition since fall 2019. The coalition has been instrumental in New Jersey’s legalization process.

Ulloa received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Syracuse University and a Master’s degree in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University. He can be reached at dan@headynj.com.

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