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Legislature Launches Anti NJ Cannabis Consumer Agenda

The New Jersey legislature began a new session with several anti-NJ cannabis consumer bills and two for legal home grow introduced. Welcome to 2024, when regulated cannabis is expected to be a billion-dollar industry in New Jersey. Every penny of those profits and taxes will be extracted from the pockets of consumers. We should be […]

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A Guide for New Jersey Cannabis Consumers on Getting High

Several factors contribute to getting high. But overall, New Jersey cannabis consumers are unfamiliar with them due to marijuana prohibition. In our new enlightened age of state-legal cannabis, several New Jersey cannabis dispensary owners and the budtenders working the registers report that most New Jersey consumers don’t know much about weed except it gets us […]

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The NJ-CRC’s Complicated Relationship with Underground Cannabis Legacy Operators

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) has said they want to give licenses to underground “black market” cannabis legacy operators. They also repeated the anti-legacy rhetoric Governor Phill Murphy (D) endorsed. Moderate and conservative politicians pushed back on the New Jersey legacy operator market during the June oversight hearing of the NJ-CRC. Many of them […]

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