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Rutgers Hosted Hemp Event Featuring Experts and Academics

The Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health at Rutgers University hosted its second annual educational event on the nuances of growing hemp last night. As...

CBD Panel of Professionals Held at Bell Works Wednesday Night

A panel featuring CBD and liquor business professionals in the refurbished Bell Works building was held Wednesday night. “ It's sort of the Wild West,”...

Gov. Murphy Signs NJ Hemp Pilot Program Into Law

Governor Phil Murphy signed A1330 (Gusciora, Pinkin, Reynolds-Jackson/O’Scanlon, Gopal)  Directs Dept. of Agriculture to create pilot program to research cultivation of industrial hemp Act into...


13 Of The Best Cannabis Strains for a Good Night’s Sleep

Cannabis can be a natural alternative to traditional sleep aids for those struggling with sleep. See our best cannabis strain recommendations for next time you can't sleep.