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Republican Senator Gerry Cardinale Introduces Cannabis Homegrow Bill

Senator Gerry Cardinale (R-Bergen) introduced cannabis homegrow legislation yesterday to legalize owning up to six plants. The bill is S. 3407, “Legalizes possession of six...

Cannabis Pharma Company Finds Results Developing Coronavirus Cure

MGC Pharmaceuticals, which specializes in creating cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, has succeeded in initial trials of its coronavirus cure. Their drug, known as ArtemiC, treats what is...

Hoboken & Lacey Discuss Clinical Cannabis Ordinances For Dispensaries

6/20/20 By DAN ULLOA Clinical cannabis ordinances were discussed this week in Hoboken and Lacey, NJ to allow dispensaries within their city limits. The clinical cannabis...


NJ Cannabis Jobs: Unlocking The Door To A World Of Opportunities You Never Knew Existed

With nearby major cities such as New York City and Philadelphia, and with the history of innovators such as Edison and the legacy of Bell Labs hailing from the state, New Jersey is a prime location for innovators, game changers and disruptors to jump into the cannabis industry.