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Police State of Thailand Allows Medical Cannabis/Hemp Homegrow

The police state of Thailand in Southeast Asia recently legalized medical cannabis/hemp homegrow along with commercial cultivation. They seek to spread seeds widely by distributing...

Heady NJ’s Event Featured Panel on Cannabis Policy & Industry

Heady NJ’s first event, "An Afternoon of Cannabis", featured a panel on cannabis policy and the industry. The cannabis policy and industry panel consisted of NJCBA...

Cannabis Homegrow Bill Gets Sponsors in NJ Senate & Assembly

Support is growing for the cannabis homegrow bill with a new NJ Senate sponsor and two new Assembly sponsors. Senator Patrick Diegnan (D-Middlesex) is sponsoring...


Hemp Hop Hooray: Hempacco Celebrity Hemp Cigarettes

Hempacco makes smokable CBD products and also white labels for celebrities like rapper Rick Ross & legendary stoner comics Cheech & Chong.