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An In-Depth Look at 1st NJ Adult Use Only Cannabis Cultivator Bango Elyon

Elyon and Feelz cannabis brands by Bango Distribution are the first exclusively adult use cultivator flower available in the New Jersey market. Elyon and Feelz are available at a few different New Jersey cannabis dispensaries like the 1634 Funk dispensary in Jersey City (which Heady NJ has an ad deal with, full disclosure), Valley Wellness […]

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Legislature Launches Anti NJ Cannabis Consumer Agenda

The New Jersey legislature began a new session with several anti-NJ cannabis consumer bills and two for legal home grow introduced. Welcome to 2024, when regulated cannabis is expected to be a billion-dollar industry in New Jersey. Every penny of those profits and taxes will be extracted from the pockets of consumers. We should be […]

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Beginner Growing Tips From Cosmic Wisdom Seeds

Cannabis seeds and clones for growing plants are more widely available than ever these days. There are so many varieties and breeders now that legalization is flourishing. This is a great thing, but it comes with its own challenges. How do we know which is good, where to look, and then, how do we identify the best plants from our best seed choices? Phil with Cosmic Wisdom Seeds shares some insights to begin your journey growing cannabis.

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NJ Vertically Integrated Cannabis License Winner Denied Bid to Operate in Small Town

After winning an NJ vertically integrated cannabis license, Altus New Jersey LLC was denied the approval of their cultivation facility in Alexandria. Last year, they won a license to be an NJ vertically integrated medical cannabis company in Central Jersey. An NJ vertically integrated cannabis license allows a company to grow, manufacture, and sell medical […]

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Cannabis License Applications Acceptance Starts Dec 15th for Cultivators & Labs

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) approved accepting cultivator and lab adult-use cannabis license applications starting December 15th and March 15th. Cultivator licenses, manufacturing licenses, and testing lab applications will be accepted soon. The port opens on December 15th at 9 AM. Dispensary applicants can start applying on March 15th. Distributors, wholesalers, and delivery cannabis […]

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