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NJ Residents Overwhelmingly Support Legalization, New Poll Reveals

A recent Quinnipiac University Poll finds most New Jersey voters support recreational marijuana in the state. Survey results also revealed that most voters who do...

NJ State Senate President Supports Legalization, Not Decriminalization

While Governor Murphy remains steadfast regarding plans for cannabis legalization for adult-use in New Jersey, other lawmakers have different thoughts for dealing with the legality...

Wall Council Passes Anti-Cannabis Ordinance Despite Resistance

On Wednesday evening, Wall Township officials passed a municipal zoning, anti-cannabis ordinance "banning businesses from selling marijuana and/or paraphernalia facilitating the use of marijuana...


NJ Cannabis Jobs: Unlocking The Door To A World Of Opportunities You Never Knew Existed

With nearby major cities such as New York City and Philadelphia, and with the history of innovators such as Edison and the legacy of Bell Labs hailing from the state, New Jersey is a prime location for innovators, game changers and disruptors to jump into the cannabis industry.