The Differences Between Cannabis and Kratom


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You may have heard about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and kratom, but which one should you choose?

As both natural sources offer potential relief, it’s important to understand their differences.

What is Cannabis?

Currently, the cannabis industry is worth around $13 billion in the United States.  

Cannabis is a natural substance. However, unlike Kratom, which is a leaf from a tree, cannabis is actually a plant and is considered a cannabinoid. The effects that cannabis produces are quite different from those of kratom, depending on the amount consumed. 

What is Kratom?

Kratom has taken the wellness industry by storm. Like cannabis, Kratom is that it is a natural plant. Kratom is the most commonly found within a leaf on the Mitragyna species, a tree within the coffee family.

The Mitragyna tree can either be found in Africa or Southeast Asia. Kratom can be substituted for opium. Thus it is great for those seeking to become from its negative effects. Kratom can also improve productivity and reduce the effects of tiredness. It is commonly used as medicine and in religious ceremonies.

Today, many Kratom vendors supply premium kratom products, and you can look at Kratom IQ to learn more about the best ones on the market. When using Kratom, you want to find goods of the finest quality to enjoy a pure, potent, and safe experience.

Benefits of Cannabis

Much like Kratom, cannabis has been lauded for reducing the perception of pain and reducing pain itself. When cannabis is consumed, it interacts with endocannabinoid receptors and actually intercepts pain signals or reduces them.

Another benefit that cannabis can offer is reduced symptoms of anxiety. This is even more effective when the strain of cannabis has more CBD than THC. One of the more common reasons why people consume cannabis is because it can help those who have insomnia or sleep disorders to find rest.

Benefits of Kratom

The first place to start when trying to understand the difference between kratom and cannabis would be to understand the benefits that kratom offers.

One of the main benefits of kratom, and why so many people have begun using it, is that it can bring on feelings of euphoria and reduced pain at higher doses.

Interestingly, if kratom is consumed at lower doses, you will begin feeling more energetic, which is why people started consuming it in the first place. However, you can achieve the opposite effect if you consume very high doses; kratom can act as a sedative.

How to Consume Cannabis

In terms of the consumption methods of cannabis, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. The two most iconic methods of cannabis consumption would be joints and bongs since they are quite cheap compared to other methods and also rather effective.

One of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption is dry herb vaporizers since they are the healthier alternative to combustion. Then there are also edibles, dab rigs, transdermal patches, tinctures, and more. It’s important to note that the consumption method used for cannabis will determine the effects experienced.

How to Consume Kratom

If you are looking for some energy, it would be better just to chew the Kratom leaves, which is how it has been traditionally consumed.

Another option is to take Kratom capsules, which is essentially powder that has been encapsulated. Finally, you could also drink Kratom tea, which is when the powder is placed in hot water to dissolve.

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