Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to cling to the Reagan-era drug war madness and ‘Just Say No’ jargon of the past. Sessions said in an address to the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday night that the media and “permissive rhetoric” are to blame for drug misuse issues in the United States.

“We don’t think illegal drug use is ‘recreation.’ Lax enforcement, permissive rhetoric and the media have undermined the essential need to say no to drug use. Don’t start,” he said. “That’s what President Trump said to us the other day in a meeting. What did Nancy Reagan say? Just say no. Don’t start this stuff.”

Sessions also referenced recent marijuana enforcement policy changes he enacted.

“We are not going to pretend that there is not a law against marijuana. There is a federal law against marijuana,” he said. “And we’re not going to pretend marijuana is good for you, either. I don’t think it is.”

In a question-and-answer session following the speech, Sessions said that “we think a lot of [heroin addictions] is starting with marijuana and other drugs.”

New Jersey lawmakers are anticipated to hash out and finalize a bill to present to Governor Murphy to sign legalizing recreational cannabis use for adults. A group of policy influencers, politicians and business people made a trip to Nevada, a state that recently legalized cannabis for adult use throughout the state, including Las Vegas and Reno.

Governor Murphy recently expanded the Medical marijuana program in NJ and there are multiple bills in the NJ legislature to legalize industrial hemp and cannabis for adults. 

Despite a recent rescission of the Cole memo, many states such as Vermont, New Jersey, and California continue to move forward with legalization for recreational use.  To out north, Canada is expected to have national legalization of cannabis on July 1st.

The marijuana machine rolls ahead…

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