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Jack Herer: The Man Behind the Movement to Legalize Marijuana

Jack Herer was a well-known cannabis activist and author who was a leading figure in the cannabis legalization movement. The cannabis strain lives up to...

New Cannabis Health Study Confirms Weed Safer than Cigarettes

Building upon a groundbreaking study, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles have uncovered compelling evidence that brings clarity to the relationship between marijuana...

Governor Murphy Tweets Celebrating the Anniversary of Cannabis Legalization

Earlier today, Governor Murphy tweeted about the legalization of cannabis, highlighting the opportunities created in the NJ cannabis rollout.

4/20 & 4/21 NJ Cannabis Events 2023

420 in New Jersey in 2023. Looking for an event? Check out some of our top picks for local NJ 420 cannabis events. Which will...

Shocking Reversal: Curaleaf License Reinstated by NJ CRC

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc., has publicized that the Board of the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory (CRC) has overturned its prior verdict and approved to Curaleaf's licenses...

Curaleaf Grovels For Support From Customers For Denied License

Last week the NJCRC denied Curaleaf's renewal application. Curaleaf has since taken actions to grovel support from its customer base.

Fizzy: The New THC-Infused Seltzer Drink Shaking Up The Cannabis Industry

Discover Fizzy, the game-changing THC-infused drink blending refreshment & relaxation. Elevate your beverage experience today!

The Best Way To Clean Your Glass Pipe

One of the best ways to clean a dirty glass bong is inexpensive and easily done with 3 simple ingredients.

5 Problems With Buying Legal Weed In New Jersey

The legalization of cannabis in NJ is a critically significant milestone, but the market is riddled with challenges that need fixing.

13 Of The Best Cannabis Strains for a Good Night’s Sleep

Cannabis can be a natural alternative to traditional sleep aids for those struggling with sleep. See our best cannabis strain recommendations for next time you...