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Can Blockchain Help Strengthen New Jersey’s CBD Market?

In the bustling CBD market of New Jersey, blockchain technology could add transparency and trust to the industry. Introduced as an alternative means of transaction...

Garden Party: Meet Jersey Plant Babe & Cannabis Entrepreneur Rita De Almeida

Meet Rita De Almeida, aka Jersey Plant Babe, a great New Jersey cannabis entrepreneur, coach, & advocate in the industry & community.

Guest Post: The Need for New Jersey Medical Cannabis Home Cultivation

New Jersey medical cannabis patients are suffering while home cultivation remains a felony. The bills legalizing it need to pass.

A Letter to New Jersey Towns on Ensuring Social Equity

This is a letter to New Jersey towns on Best Practices when drafting cannabis ordinances that implement Social Equity. Our hope is to help induce...

Stop Pain and Improve Your Health with CBD Oil

CBD Oil is becoming known as a great method to treat many chronic conditions that traditional medicine has not been able to address. CBD oil...