Available Now! Get the Cannabis 101 e-book!

Available Now! Get the Cannabis 101 e-book!


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Cannabis 101 is a comprehensive compendium of cannabis facts and nugs of knowledge. Written by Heady NJ Editor Dan Ulloa, Cannabis 101 is the best book to learn more about this misunderstood plant.

Ulloa goes into depth about its history in Cannabis 101. Cannabis use and cultivation date back to ancient Taiwan & China and the Bible to the Founding Fathers to the present-day struggles to take this great plant mainstream. Narcs have tried to hide this history, but it is made front and center in Cannabis 101!

The nuances of the industry are detailed in Cannabis 101 along with tips for those interested in joining the industry. From a few growers and sellers, it has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry that experts believe will grow exponentially within the next few years.

While the industry has launched a “Green Rush“, Ulloa chronicles the struggles that have come with making an underground industry legal and equitable.

From California’s legalization of medical cannabis by ballot initiative in 1996, the process of legalization state by state is chronicled along with the challenges that were faced along the way. From just one state in the mid-90s, there are 30 plus states with legal medical cannabis programs. And while the idea of federal legalization has been a pipe dream for so long, many see it on the horizon!

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