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Small-town Mayor Wants His Town to be the Marijuana Capital of NJ


marijuana capital

Shamong Mayor Michael DeCroce wants his town to be the “Marijuana Capital of New Jersey.” once cannabis is legalized on Nov. 3rd. At least the growing one.

DeCroce recently was a guest on the Dom Giordano’s Talk Radio show on 1210 AM broadcasting out of Philly. He is a Republican.

DeCroce said he sent letters to cannabis producers explaining Shamong has a business-friendly climate. Located in Burlington County, it’s an hour’s drive east of Philly. According to Wikipedia, it has about 6,500 people. He joked on the show some people might have gone through Shamong on Rt. 206. It is a rural area with many farmers.

“I want to partner with these companies where they’re welcome,” DeCroce said.

He touted the benefits of the town for farmers. DeCroce said the roads are not congested, it’s crime-free, and the taxes are low. A winery is currently operating in town and thriving. DeCroce said there are buildings in town that could be repurposed. Cannabis growing has largely been done indoors for obvious reasons, and many prefer it to cannabis grown outdoors.

He said it would be possible to have an adult-use dispensary open there.

DeCroce said being the marijuana capital would create 100 new jobs in Shamong and help reduce property taxes. He referred to the oil pipeline in Alaska as a place where people have similarly benefited from an industry.

The radio show was not the first time DeCroce said Shamong could be the marijuana capital of New Jersey. He previously said it would bring increased revenue to the town, which could fund the construction of a community center.

The profit margin on cannabis versus average crops is significant.

It is crucial to note the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) has yet to be fully implemented and arranged because of a lawsuit delayed by COVID.

Marijuana Capital of New Jersey

Most towns, especially smaller, rural ones, are not eager to be known as the “Marijuana Capital of New Jersey.” In fact, many have already banned the sale of adult-use cannabis.

Except for Atlantic City, none of the 12 towns that currently have dispensaries seem eager to advertise that fact nor want more.

The “marijuana capital” should have multiple dispensaries, a cannabis social lounge, and be welcoming to head shops. One would think it would be a larger city, like Trenton or Jersey City.

Hoboken, though, might become the “marijuana capital” since they are allowing three dispensaries within their city limits.

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