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Murphy Unshaken By Feds: NJ Will Move Forward With Legalization

Governor Phil Murphy, a Middletown resident, will be sworn in next week during the state’s inaugural proceedings. Murphy, a known progressive, has been questioned by some of his fellow democrats, not against his ideas for legalization, but the concern that the legislature gets it right.

On January, 4, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he would be rescinding the Cole memo, an Obama-issued guidance document that prohibited federal funds from being used to target legal cannabis operations.

When will cannabis be approved for adults in New Jersey?

According to an article by Gannett News, Murphy stated, “I don’t want to marry myself to a particular day,” he said. “But I would hope it’s sooner than later.”

“We’ve just got to make sure we do it right,” he said.

Senator Nick Scutari re-introduced legislation to make cannabis legal for adults over the age of 21 during this week’s legislative planning session.

State Senate President, Steve Sweeney did not seem concerned and noted NJ has not been deterred by the move federal level move by Jeff Sessions.

Although New Jersey will be one of the first states to use its legislature to legalize recreational cannabis, Vermont lawmakers approved a bill this week that is on its way to their Governor’s desk.  New Hampshire is expected to do the same this month.

On Tuesday, advocates rallied in front of the statehouse to voice concern over the omission of a home grow provision especially for medical cannabis patients. With the already strained medical supply with a limited supply, it is possible that medical patients may have a more challenging time obtaining their medicine which could be alleviated with a home grow provision.

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