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    3 Tips For A Successful Dry Herb Vaping Experience

    There is nothing more frustrating for a vaper than wasted dry herb. They cost money don’t they?! You can almost hear the groans of vapers when their dry herb ignites and completely burns giving you a burning smell rather than the expected smooth and pure taste of the vaporized dry herb.

    No matter how long you have been vaping, if you do not adhere to certain general rules as well as vaping techniques, you will get your dry herb vaping experience all wrong. In this article you will get to know how to avoid burning your dry herb and wasting it in the process. You will learn how to save money vaping the right way as well as how to achieve the best possible vaping experience.

    We begin with Tip #1 which should be a no-brainer really as it’s the holy grail of all tips for a successful dry herb vaping experience.

    This first tip is simply labelled as: Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer That Allows You To Adjust The Vapourizing Temperature.

    There are a lot of fanciful dry herb vaporizer pens in the market. You should always go for those that put the control of the vaporizing temperature squarely in your hands. The whole idea of vaping is not to burn the dry herb, no! It’s to ensure that the herb is heated to a point where its chemicals are released without it burning. If you have a vaporizer that is digitised and shows the amount of heat generated during the vaping process, then that vaporizer should be ideal for use.

    The perfect temperature range for the vaporization of dry herbs is between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 177 and 232 degrees Celsius. Although some essential oils have been known to vaporize at temperatures less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. However, for most herbs it is at this temperature range that they will be properly vaporized.Likewise any temperature above the 450 degrees Fahrenheit mark will lead to the herb being burnt.

    What you should also understand is that herbs vaporize at different temperatures. However, all herbs will vaporize at temperatures between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So make sure you are in control and master the exact temperature at which your favourite herb will vaporize.

    Tip #2 is something that most people erroneously disregard and that is to – Always Use Herbs That Are Freshly Dry.

    The general belief amongst a large number of vapers is that vaping very dry herbs is better than using freshly dried herbs. They believe that the drier the herb the faster it will vaporizer. This is absolutely false, it is good for your herb to still have some moisture in it during the vaping process. Remember that the ideal temperature for vaping is between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit which means that vaporizing the herb is done at temperatures above the boiling point of the herb without reaching its point of combustion.

    With some moisture in your herb you will be able to bring out the most vapour possible from your herb. Imagine boiling water and watching steam emanate from the mouth of the kettle once the boiling point of water is attained, that’s exactly how vaping works. When you use extremely dry and crumbling herbs, you will not maximise your vapour production.

    You should therefore check the herbs you want to buy to ensure that they do not turn into powder or dust when touched with your fingers. If they turn into dust or powder it means that they are too dry to be vaporized. You should also ensure that the herb you intend vaporizing is not too moist or wet as well. Using cured herbs can also work perfectly as they are not overly dry or overly moist as well.

    Finally, tip #3 is for you to – Beware Of Dry Herb Combustion.

    As mentioned earlier, when your dry herb vaporizer pen heats up to a temperature above 450 degrees Fahrenheit you will end up combusting your herb instead of vaporizing it. You should know by now that combusting your herb is not vaporizing it. This brings to us to the question of what type of vaporizer kit do you use? There are those dry herb vaporizer pens that do not vaporize herbs, but rather only combust them.

    The heating coil of these vaporizers are in direct contact with the herbs and simply heat them to the point of combustion. You should know that the heating coil has a temperature that is over 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but your vaporizer should have a glass screen filter which lies between the heating coil and the about to be vaporized dry herb.

    This glass screen will ensure that the herb is vaporized at the right temperature and not heated at a temperature above 450 degrees Fahrenheit which will cause it to ignite. So make sure that when you are buying a vaporizer kit it consists of this glass screen filter. Now that vaping is a favourite past time for a growing number of people, it is important that they know how to vape the right way. By following these three tips you will be in a good position to have the best vaping experience with each puff.