• Insure-cannabis posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    The cannabis industry is BOOMING! As more states welcome both medical and recreational cannabis, the insurance field is taking notice. Everyday more carriers are covering this business class and in doing so, the rates for the policies become very competitive. This is good news for dispensary owners and cultivators.

    If you have not had your insurance policy reviewed or are in the planning stages of a new venture, now is the time! We are currently working with multiple carriers and are adding more each day.

    Call today, Aaron Balber 908.273.6100 ext 259, to get a free insurance quote for your business and make sure your coverage fits your needs and your risks are managed.

    Types of Clients:

    Cannabis Dispensaries
    Cannabis Extraction Facilities
    Cannabis Manufacturers
    Cannabis Growers
    Cannabis Landlords
    Cannabis Events