Canna Pop-Up Holds CBD New Jersey Marketplace


Canna Pop Up Flyer

Canna Pop-Up, a combination seminar, and market, was held in Montclair last night and featured CBD New JErsey vendors, health specialists, and educators with the crowd eager to learn more.

A variety of small business vendors and CBD enthusiasts specializing in a variety of CBD products were there selling their goods. They included tinctures (or oils), gummies, honey, creams, balms, salves, snacks, and even CBD biscuits for dogs which are said to relieve stress and anxiety. There was also a caricature artist and a masseuse who was using CBD oil as well as an acupuncturist.

Brittany Wallace, a native of Nutley, is the owner of Pura Cura. They are CBD tincture business. She was one of the speakers. Pura Cura, prides itself on its purity from toxins. They only sell pure CBD products. Full-spectrum products contain a slight amount of THC which can adversely affect those who are drug tested at work. THC is an ingredient in full-spectrum CBD, although it must have only .3 percent for the CBD to be legal. To find the highest thc strain you can, you’ll need to look online at different dispensaries.

“I’m selling brownies for $3. How am I supposed to come up with a million dollars?” Wallace asked rhetorically.

Wallace declared she noticed cannabis from Harmony in Secaucus and Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair had mold. She saw it a year before it was reported. However, when she posted the pictures on Instagram, the vitriol defending the dispensaries was so intense, she deleted the pictures.

CBD New Jersey Event Hosted By Mom & Pop Business

Canna Pop-Up was hosted by Robert Allen and Holli Ehrlich. They’re a husband and wife team who put on the event together as partners. Given their background as event planners, it was a natural fit. They are both CBD New Jersey enthusiasts.

“We do complete each other,” Allen said regarding his partnership with his wife. While the event was focused on CBD, it was noted by Ehrlich that the MORE Act had passed earlier that day which the audience was happy about, especially in the wake of the failure of reform to pass in New Jersey.

The event was sponsored by BCB Bank, one of the few banks that does business with cannabis-touching businesses.

CBD has become an exceedingly craze especially in the wake of its legalization last December with many pharmacies featuring CBD products.

It is also sold in gas stations and convenience stores. Having just been legalized last year, regulations regarding its benefits and safety have yet to be implemented. However, many individuals have reported its effectiveness in treating PTSD in veterans who were near suicidal, children who were dying of tumors, chronic inflammation, and severe pain. Thus, the number of CBD enthusiasts is growing.

With legalization in New Jersey stalled, people are especially focused on it despite the issues with legalization.

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