Heady NJ Industry Directory
Heady NJ Industry Directory

We now offer news, an event calendar featuring networking, advocacy and educational opportunities in the industry, and a comprehensive NJ INDUSTRY DIRECTORY!

Heady NJ goes beyond a single category like other guides, to offer you a comprehensive directory of cannabis experts on legal advice, investment and financial guidance, industry and advocacy associations, and many many more.

For those who are enthusiasts, medical patients, or just curious there is a wealth of information throughout Heady NJ.  You can also review businesses, join groups, post to an activity feed, get news and events, and share with one another with ease.

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Business owners can reach target audiences and promote your site on our directory too!

Heady NJ’s directory offer’s businesses and interested consumers a mini website, html, text and media-friendly, social feed sharing, featured listings, featured deals, daily menu’s, etc. In addition Heady NJ offers sponsorship packages and other ways to promote businesses and the cannabis community in New Jersey, the tri-state area, and even the broader United States.

Explore and see what you can find… https://headynj.com

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