It has been a busy January for cannabis in New Jersey. As expected, since Governor Murphy took office, the Cannabis industry is off to an exciting and high-paced start. With various events around the state, it is evident the cannabis train has left the station and New Jersey is getting primed for the expected boom.

Governor Murphy immediately expanded the Medical Marijuana Program through executive order. However, full-blown legalization is something that must be done through the legislature.

Thank you for your advocacy, Leo Bridgewater!

Also, R.I.P. to medical marijuana pioneer Dennis Peron…


Murphy came out fighting for minimum wage, equal pay for women, and of course, medical cannabis expansion.

Legalization will be happening soon. The expansion of MMJ last week was a strong indication that Governor Murphy is not wavering on his committment to push forward with legalization.

However, the legislature must consider many factors. Limits on dispensaries could have limited effects on the black market if residents have to pay more and it is difficult to obtain because of traveling long distances.

Or making the funding more difficult…

Reefer Madness Continues in New Jersey and around the Country…


Elsewhere around the country…

In other news… making the Democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union is Rep. Joe Kennedy.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic With Cannabis

Although many prohibitionists refer to cannabis as a gateway drug, here are some examples of how it is actually the exit drug and has many medicinal benefits to help the opioid epidemic.

A brief moment on the history… Cannabis sounds much classier anyway…

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