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NJWeedman Sells First NJ Referendum Legal Cannabis

Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion sold what he called the first NJ referendum legal sale of cannabis at midnight January 1st to ring in the New Year.

The NJ referendum said that it would go into effect today, January 1, 2021. It did not say it would be hampered if enabling legislation did not become law. 

Those trying to play it safe should continue to avoid making their possession of street cannabis known.

“As far as I’m concerned, marijuana becomes legal. I’m unfurling this big banner at midnight tonight. This is the citizen’s dispensary,” NJWeedman told the gathered crowd.

“The people voted,” he said. The ballot question said it made it legal on January 1st. The State, the politicians have failed to present what they call enabling legislation. That’s on them. The people voted on this constitutional amendment.”

NJWeedman noted the two months between the NJ referendum and the deadline was insufficient time for the legislators.

Cannabis legalization bill sponsor State Senator Nick Scutari (D-Union) has been saying this would happen.

They would have made the deadline. But Murphy insisted that minors continue to receive negative repercussions for cannabis possession at the last minute

The referendum polled consistently above 50 percent. Thus, lawmakers could have worked with advocates and the Governor to prepare a bill and avoid half the problems encountered.

“Whatever happened, they fucked it up,” NJWeedman said.

NJ Referendum Celebration on New Year’s Eve

NJWeedman was pleased to sell the first legal cannabis. It gained 67 percent of the vote. But he was not one of those who voted for the NJ referendum.

He noted that nothing would change in his daily operations. Forchion has already been openly selling cannabis across from Trenton City Hall for a while. NJWeedman had a wide variety of flower strains (or cultivars) on sale labeled Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. He also had infused candy, gummies, vape cartridges, and other cannabis products you’d expect to see labeled at a dispensary. They sold out of shrooms.

NJWeedman showed off a machine that measures the amount of THC, CBD, moisture, and water activity in a nug of cannabis.

For his New Year’s celebration and NJ referendum protest, he had a party in the back of his Liberty Bell Temple III storefront. It was in a screened-in porch area. That area was built since he proclaimed himself essential along with the legal, medical cannabis dispensaries. 

Aficionados and enthusiasts came to ring in the New Year with him at his party. It was complete with a bar and a band. 

He delighted in the confusion likely to ensue. NJWeedman encouraged those with cannabis convictions to take it to a jury trial. He believes that a jury of 12 cannot agree unanimously to convict.  Doing so remains a risky venture. 

“I don’t think the state can get 12. Half the 12 voted for it anyway,” he said.

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