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CBD Products Available at New Scarlet Reserve Store in South Amboy

1/14/20 BY DAN ULLOA The Scarlet Reserve boutique store recently opened in South Amboy on Rt. 35 North with...

X-NBA Commish Dead, Said NBA Should Rethink 420 Ban

(Most of this appeared on News.medicalmarijuanainc.com) 1/6/20 By DAN ULLOA Former...

HEADY NJ Announcing Partnership With Needed Blends

Needed Blends brings 60+ years of cumulative experience and comprehensive knowledge of a tremendous range of phytocannabinoids, botanical essential oils, terpenes, and...

Medical Cannabis Reduces Opioid Prescriptions, Studies Show

Two studies published in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that medical cannabis reduces opioid prescriptions in states with medical cannabis programs. The researchers studied data from Medicare, which...


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