With Cannabis support at an all-time high, it makes perfect sense there is also a major portion of the population who is curious about cannabis, in other words, they are ‘canna-curious.

Cannabis has drawn so much interest that a new word has been deemed word of the year by Civilized magazine – Canna-curious.

Canna-curious is a word that truly captures the spirit of the year,” says Derek Riedle, Publisher of Civilized. “As legalization takes hold, the doors have opened up to a whole new tribe of people who are making their own decisions based on facts, not fiction. They’re smart, sophisticated and doing their research because they want to do it right. That kind of informed curiosity is what’s driving the market right now. Culture and conversations evolve rapidly, and the canna-curious are leading the pack.”

According to Leafly, “It’s not just Civilized trying to hype its brand by making up a word. A quick Google search returns tens of thousands of mentions of canna-curious, increasingly from legacy media, who appear to have started using the term after having read it in more alternative media. In fact, the earliest use of the word [found] occurred in a Leafly article by Anna Wilcox called Marijuana Advice for the Canna-Curious that was published on January 3, 2014. If Wilcox’ use is the first, that would make canna-curious almost exactly five years old. “

Do you know the difference of different cannabis types?

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