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Network With Industry Pros & Learn About South Jersey’s Cannabis Opportunities



Heady NJ & UFCW 360 are pleased to announce our upcoming event, “Working in South Jersey Cannabis” on Saturday, January 21st, 2023. The gathering features experts discussing the likelihood of future cannabis job opportunities in NJ and employment workers’ issues in the cannabis industry as it spreads throughout the state, post-legalization.

Working in South Jersey Cannabis takes place at the UFCW Local 360 Union Hall at 400 Commerce Lane in West Berlin in Camden County.

Dan Ulloa hosting a cannabis panel with Ed Deveaux & Ed Grimes on policy & opportunity

Heady NJ Editor & Publisher Dan Ulloa will host and moderate a panel discussing the spread of the cannabis industry across the state and all of the opportunities it brings. The South Jersey panel will feature UFCW union leader Hugh Giordano and manufacturing license winner & CEO of the Good Lettuce Company, Travis Ally. Additionally, advocate & businesswoman Wednesday Mayer of Sativa Cross and experienced cannabis attorney Lou Magazzu!

A plethora of sponsors and food vendors will be on site sharing in the festive groove as well. You definitely don’t want to miss this local cannabis event in West Berlin, NJ.

Highlighting Cannabis Industry Workers

We will highlight what many cannabis professionals in the cannabis industry will experience. The industry has been growing steadily and will grow even bigger! We expect in 2023 many NJ cannabis jobs will start popping up.

Up until this point, many New Jersey cannabis news stories focused on the passage of cannabis legalization and the licensing of companies. Now that there are more developments in the workforce the job sector will gain more coverage as legalization unfolds.

For example, in Jersey City, a job fair took place this fall helping locals get jobs with local licensed companies. But the lingering stigma is hurting the spread of the industry and the creation of good jobs. So we’ll hear from our panelists regarding their experiences with town governments.

While a lot of our coverage has focused on North and Central Jersey we don’t want the South Jersey cannabis community to feel left out!

South Jersey has been the center of several Heady NJ stories. For example, Atlantic City is the closest city to opening a cannabis lounge and hosts many cannabis conferences.

While the legacy cannabis market is strong in North Jersey it is also strong in many parts of South Jersey as well.

Heady NJ aims to bring together the New Jersey cannabis community of enthusiasts, businesspeople, advocates, professionals, and patients at a private venue where people can enjoy cannabis with others and without worry.

UFCW Advocating For Cannabis Worker Safety

The UFCW Local 360 fights to protect worker safety on NJ cannabis job sites. The union is led by its President, Sam Ferraino Jr., and Organizing Director, Hugh Giordano. The team is led by several individuals assisting them. Early in the fight, they saw the opportunities generated in the industry. Unlike others, they wanted to spread those opportunities far more than in many other industries.

Please come out to the event to meet and network with both newcomers and experienced cannabis aficionados and enthusiasts. Come out and make new, like-minded friends. Make new connections with industry colleagues. Most importantly come and celebrate the herbal greatness with other cannabis lovers. Spend time with all those interested in New Jersey’s blossoming job industry currently emerging before our very eyes.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce cannabis consumption is okay and allowed while at the UFCW Union Hall!

A place to consume and enjoy cannabis is important for those who like gathering around a joint, blunt, bowl, bong or dab rig. The plant brings people together across different lines of society which is part of its magic. We want to have a mix of business and fun, so this helps!

Given their experience advocating for labor policy changes, they understand and excel in the political process of cannabis legalization and helping it to become accepted in New Jersey. Many jobs will emerge in the immediate years ahead in the NJ weed industry.

Giordano has been a great cannabis advocate for several years. He tirelessly attends city council meetings across New Jersey. Giordano often travels far from his South Jersey home to persuade politicians of the merits of cannabis and the union.

Good Lettuce Company CEO Travis Ally has New Jersey cannabis licenses for cultivation and manufacturing. They will be located in South Jersey.

Wednesday Mayer is a noted advocate and businesswoman. She is on the board of the Sativa Cross advocacy group and works with a range of cannabis companies. Additionally, Mayer is also a budtender in Pennsylvania.

Panelist Lou Magazzu has been an attorney for forty years. He was Counsel for Columbia Care in 2018-2019. He helped in their site selection and approval process. Lou helped with zoning and planning issues and settling their dispensary and cultivation locations. In 2021-22 he was counsel and advisor to two companies, each awarded conditional cultivation licenses and one manufacturing license.

Perhaps most notable, in both 2021 and 2022, Lou was among those ranked on the InsiderNJ Cannabis 100 Power List. Lou has litigated non-cannabis transactions valued at nearly $4 billion. He was a Cumberland County Board of County Commissioners member from 1998-2010. He was also Director in 2001 and from 2008 to 2010.

Partnering Organizations

We are pleased to announce the recent addition of an opportunity to work with Cannabis Equity Employment (CEE) at our upcoming event.

CEE is a non-profit sponsored by the upcoming dispensary Baked by the River. Their mission is to provide a pathway to employment in the cannabis industry and beyond for individuals with past cannabis convictions. They want to connect employers with the most experienced and knowledgeable candidates for the NJ cannabis job sector.

Among the sponsors and others are a range of interesting companies.

Rec House LLC is a family and Veteran-owned dispensary for Recreational Cannabis. Their mission is to supply users with top-quality products to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. “From our house to yours!” they say.

It’s been about 5 years since Heady NJ launched. We created our humble media company with the vision that the New Jersey cannabis industry would grow large enough to provide a publication like this with enough demand from the public for a platform for all things cannabis in NJ. We hope they are the first of many great companies we feature!

Full New Jersey Cannabis Industry On Display

As the head of the Magazzu law firm, Lou was Vineland’s City Attorney and Director of Law (1992-96). Over the years, he also served as a municipal attorney for many other municipalities. Secondly he was counsel to several Zoning and Planning Boards, helping development projects worth more than one billion dollars.

Highstreet Concepts formed to spread the cause of cannabis education and normalize cannabis. They risked it all to curate a clothing brand to represent the genuine cannabis subculture in New Jersey. They truly believe by working together, we can achieve a greener, healthier, and more diverse future for the Garden State.

Green Dragon Hydroponics is a grow equipment supplier in Gloucester City, New Jersey. They sell a range of interesting growing products.

Sativa Cross is a non-profit activist podcast group. They have made progress in their activism over the years. Sativa Cross always hosted 4/20 at the New Jersey State House protests and gatherings. Heady NJ is happy to support their efforts pushing to make growing cannabis at home in New Jersey legal. However for now it is still a felony.

We also have fresh food service available on-site serving up some great food. Cock A Doodle Dans is a noted chicken wing caterer, while the Wenie Genie will provide hotdogs, chips, and refreshments.

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Working In South Jersey Cannabis With UFCW & Heady NJ

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