Dan Ulloa hosting a cannabis panel with Ed Deveaux & Ed Grimes on policy & opportunity Heady NJ

Heady NJ

Heady NJ LLC is an Independent media company focused on New Jersey cannabis news.

We cover the fight in New Jersey for medical and adult-use cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics legalization, along with the businesses springing forth and the culture surrounding it.

Heady NJ regularly reports on the latest political changes and updates at the dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers in the New Jersey cannabis industry.

We want to provide you with the best in New Jersey cannabis news, culture, events, and reviews. Heady NJ is your ultimate hub for all things cannabis in New Jersey!

Heady NJ favors an equitable New Jersey cannabis industry that
includes an underground legacy to legal path, and legal cannabis home grow.

Dan Ulloa

Editor & Publisher

Dan Ulloa is the Editor & Publisher of Heady NJ. With a background in politics, journalism and a passion for the cannabis community, Dan brings a unique perspective to the world of news and culture.

As Editor & Publisher, he is responsible for curating and publishing the latest news, events, and insights on the industry and contributing his articles and analysis. Ulloa led the building of Heady NJ into a resource for consumers, patients, professionals, and businesspeople, selling many ads and marketing packages featuring great companies.

Dan has been a leading voice in the New Jersey cannabis scene. His work has helped to educate and inform the public about this rapidly evolving industry. He was #35 on the INSIDER NJ Cannabis Power List out of 100 in 2022.

Dan can be reached at [email protected].

Bryan @ Heady NJ

Bryan walsh


Bryan founded Heady NJ to share his love and passion for cannabis with others in New Jersey. Bryan has an extensive professional education, history, and real estate background. He is a lifelong NJ resident and cannabis enthusiast for 30 years. He loves sharing his love for cannabis with all of you.

At Heady NJ, Bryan focuses on tech, marketing & strategic planning.


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