Hemp sweater


This is a fine-knit hemp sweater that is really comfy for a chilly day. It has a classic unisex hoodie design. It can keep you warm throughout the year. So, it’s great for a walk in the park in June or watching TV at home in October.

It’s 100% hemp! It’s made by the company Hemptique which designs the finest-quality, fashionable hemp knits shirts with comfort and style in mind. These great sweaters are made with a water-based AZO-Free dye for vivid planet-friendly color! It’s made from imported hemp knit fabric.

Hemp is more durable and more effective as a material than wool or cotton. Plus, hemp doesn’t get stretched out, which is something that could ruin an ordinary shirt. Hemp also does not lose its color the way cotton-based clothes do. It’s also UV resistant so the sun won’t wear out the material. It protects you from the sun as well! Sweaters derived from hemp are also hypoallergenic which means that it’s good for people with sensitive skin.

As hemp becomes more popular, people will recognize you as a trend-setter with this great sweater! You’ll be at the top of haute couture!

This is a material that been used to make clothes for thousands of years and is making a comeback!

This is a very environmentally friendly sweater. Hemp is a lot easier to grow and process than cotton. It needs less water to grow and actually improves the soil. Cotton also requires many pesticides to keep bugs away which people have begun to understand has many drawbacks.

For those who are environmentally minded and conscious of climate change, this sweater is biodegradable.


It’s best washed in cold water. No bleach is needed to wash it, and it’s best dried by hanging.

(And no, you cannot get high by smoking a hemp sweater.)

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